Oh Baby, Dallas Was A Trip! Check Out My Pics to Win $100 at Lady Foot Locker for Sportswear!

Even babies love fitness fashion. I think...

I went to Dallas to spread the word on Lady Foot Locker's new look and share my best advice for styling up for fitness. Even though the city was crawling with West Nile virus and being spray-bombed, we managed to fight off the deadly mosquitoes and bring great fitness fashion to the women of Dallas. But YOU, my readers, are always top of my mind, so I'm giving away this $100 Lady Foot Locker shopping card!

For the GIVEAWAY, all you have to do is:

Check out my pics from Dallas and tell me which Fit Look or Fit Trend you like best from the fashion show we put on. Easy peasy, right? The winner will be announced on Sept 6th so stay tuned.

The Fashionably Fit event in Dallas at NorthPark Center was a totally new and fun experience for me.

I've never done a panel discussion and meet & greet in a mall. I can't remember the last time I was in a mall before this event! As a New York City girl, I miss out on malls. NYC is all about street shopping. But NorthPark Center was cool and had healthy food options in the food court. Now that was totally unexpected!

My co-panelists were none other than Ashley Torres from Pursuit of Shoes, Bex from Bexlife and Hallie Wilson from Corals & Cognacs. Bex is my girl as you may know from all the videos we've done together, but I became insta-friends with Ashley & Hallie and you must check out their fashion blogs!

Adrienne Bailon, former Cheetah Girl and now star of Empire Girls joined our fitness-fashion brigade soon after the panel, and it was crazy to see all her fans in effect. I will always remember her from 3LW's hit No more.

And a little secret about her--she does her own makeup! In the morning before the event, we were all hanging out and I asked her about her makeup (strangely I wasn't wearing any). She said she did it herself and went it comes to sportswear style, she always starts with capris. Personally, I was fascinated by her perfectly shaped bun. I want one!

Best moments from Dallas? The fashion, duh!

I got to see all the new sportswear that Lady Foot Locker is coming out with...and it's GOOD.

Here are the Fit Looks from the LFL's Fashionably Fit fashion show. Which one is your favorite? Be sure to tell me in the comments section at the end of this article (for the giveaway).

Below is my favorite look because I like the layering and color mixing of the sportswear. I like how the outfit is transitional for post-gym errands or meeting up with a friend or whatever happens to be on the schedule that day.

Here are the Fit Trends I loved the most from the show:

  1. Fishtail braiding in hair
  2. Sports bra layering and color mixing (using different bra styles like racer back and strappy)
  3. Adding big gold bangles for a transitional fit look
  4. Knee-high sport socks with soccer-style sneaks
  5. And yes, neon colors ruled the catwalk!

I never break promises!

If you read my 1st post written in-flight to Dallas, I promised to do a handstand if we had an amazing turnout.

That about sums it up!

I'm hoping you'll join me in Chicago this weekend (Aug 25th) because that's where we're headed next! Here at the deets:

Saturday, Aug 25th at North Riverside Park Mall from 11am - 4pm




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