Peek Inside the Mizzfit Box for February!

Hiya! It's Feb 1st and we're just 15 days away from #MIZ18 shipping out! I'm immensely excited because this box was so easy to design. I knew exactly what I wanted to do from the start. Sometimes the boxes can take a while to design because there's so much involved when it comes to getting so many amazing brands and products on board. I love the process and love it even more when everything comes together without a hitch. So let's talk about this mailing...even though it's supposed to be a surprise ;)

Without getting myself into too much trouble with Quarterly, here's what I can reveal about #MIZ18. This box is called:

2018 Healthy Resolutions and Glam Haircare Box.

It includes items that will help you check those resolutions boxes like 1) being healthier & losing weight and 2) living your life to the fullest and traveling more!  The other half of the box is focused on HAIR!

I get a lot of comments and questions about my hair from all of you who read my blog to those who follow me on social media. Everyone wants to know how I get my volume, thickness and smooth blowout. Here's your reveal for this half of the box, my friends...

This is very exciting for me because I'm thinking about doing a tutorial that shows how I blow out my hair using all the items that you're getting!

If you've never gotten one of my Q-boxes before, this is the time to try it! Signing up for this February's mailing is the best and easiest way to discover health & beauty products affordably. It costs $50 for the box and we always deliver a retail value of over $150, which means you couldn't buy all the items we're sending you for cheaper than that.

My goal is to give you an amazing deal on items that are results oriented for your health and daily self-care regimen. Everything inside these boxes is something I use in my routine and can't live without. If you're a fitness girl, a fashionista, a health nut and a beauty lover, you're going to DIE because this box is made for you!

Make sure to Sign Up Here to receive it and please Follow our Q-box Instagram Page Here to see more spoilers and get daily posts on the ins and outs of designing the box and what's going on in my life.

XO, Bianca Jade



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