Pet Friendly Destinations for Your Next Trip!

Woman with chihuahua dog at pet friendly hotel in key west florida.

By now you know that Frida, my 6 pound chihuahua, goes everywhere with me! Literally EVERYWHERE! We're going on two years of being inseparable and quite frankly I can't imagine going on vacation without her. So over the past (almost) 2 years, I've had to figure out trips that would also accommodate and most importantly welcome Frida.

So far here are my favorites packed into a really short Instagram Reels video. I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to leave any questions or comments, as I'm happy to help you on any pet travel research you're working on.



I take Frida EVERYWHERE but luxe travel can be limiting with her. If you like traveling with your furball, don’t worry, all is not lost! Here are some great options to kickstart your fall travel schedule within the United States!

  1. There’s Buttermilk Falls Inn  & Spa right on the Hudson River in Milton New York with a variety of dog friendly rooms and an animal sanctuary and lots of hiking. This place is at the top of my list and I cannot wait to go here soon!
  2. In Marina Del Ray, I love the Jamaica Bay Inn for it’s sandy beach bay and green lawn for those necessary dog walks and fresh air. 
  3. Nearby is the Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey, with a sick pool and yacht club. At most you’ll pay a pet fee of $150 for your entire stay.
  4. Stay Pineapple Hotels in Chicago and NYC aren’t just pet friendly, they’re dog obsessed! Ask about their pineapple pup package. This is where @tikatheiggy stays!
  5. Then there’s Havana Cabana Keywest  in Key West, Florida, which has the best party pool in the Keys. Key West is literally the most dog friendly place in the US. Dogs are allowed everywhere in Key West, from the nicest restaurants to water activities! Just throw a life vest on them! High recommend checking out Lazydog Adventures Key West for Mangrove tours, SUP, speed boat rentals and anything else you want to do in the water with your pup (or cat!!!) Sorry, I keep forgetting to say felines but you know I love them :)


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