Pur Attitude Anti-aging Skincare Review

My first taste of Pur Attitude's skincare collection came about when I received their Face Lift Gel in a New Beauty TestTube mailing (I've been a subscriber for years). I loved the packaging because you can actually see the product inside and know how much you start off with and how much is left as you use it. I'm picky about things like this when it comes to skincare because it seems like a lot of brands try to hide their product behind fancy packaging. It's the product that should be speaking for itself, right?

I emailed Pur Attitude and asked if they'd send me a few of their products I was most curious about. As you know, I'm always looking out for the best wellness products for you, especially when it comes to my Quarterly Box mailings, which ALWAYS include fit skincare. I really love how the Face Lift Gel I got from New Beauty's TestTube (great for applying before you do your makeup) made my face feel really tight upon application but I wanted to try some of their other products too. Like the ones focused on anti-aging and designed to be rich in hyaluronic acid! Can you blame me?

I requested the Purifying Rice Face Wash because I go through face wash like a beauty blogger hits pan. I love washing my face thoroughly and I never skimp. That's why I was really excited to receive this rice protein face wash. It comes in a large size that will last you forever and it has a nice liquid-gel texture with gentle exfoliating beads inside. This cleanser is actually soap-free (paraben-free!) to prevent from drying out your skin and disrupting your natural pH. It removes sweat, makeup and dead skin cells beautifull and preps your skin for serums like Fountain of Youth. For $24, this cleanser is so good it's a steal. 

Fountain of Youth Serum is probably my favorite from the Pur Attitude collection. This product comes at a higher price point because it's so amazing and contains ingredients like Hyaluronic acid. As you can see from my picture below, it's a serum with a slightly thicker consistency. It's not runny, which makes it super easy to apply without using too much (a problem I've always had with serums). The magic of this product is the delivery of deep hydration to your skin in the form of peptides and anti-oxidants. It works to smooth out fine lines and deeper set wrinkles by plumping the skin.

I use it right after washing my face with the Purifying Rice Face Wash and then wait a few minutes for it to dry before applying my cream base moisturizer. If you can afford the $90 price tag, it's definitely worth it no matter what age you are especially if you want firmer skin.

Not many skincare lines have ingestable products so I was so curious to try Pur Attitude's Beauty Boosters. As I write this blog, I have a glass of water prepared with a few droplets of the Advanced Wrinkle Defense booster. It's main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, one of my favorite things ever! If you're reading this and unsure of what HA is, the best way for me to simply describe it is as follows:

Hyaluronic acid is naturally occuring in our bodies but as we age we lose a lot of it (you lose 1/2 of all your natural HA by 40 years old) so it's really good to replenish it because it helps repair and restore a look of youth to your skin by plumping out the skin with hydration and promoting the production of collagen in your skin. 


Advanced Wrinkle Defense and Relax, Rest & Renew nourish your skin with HA from within. It's kind of like getting derma fillers to your face (which all have HA in them) but without the pain or need for downtime. Another nice differential is that these boosters will only cost you $39 unlike hundreds of dollars for fillers. 

You get 1,000mg of 3 different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid in the Advanced Wrinkle Defense booster. I add 1 dropper full of it to my water twice a day and then I use Relax, Rest & Renew at night. Relax, Rest & Renew is pretty much the same formula except that it has melatonin in it to help you fall asleep easier and faster.  I recommend keeping it at your bedside to remember to take it every night. Both Advanced Wrinkle Defense and Relax, Rest & Renew are made with aloe vera juice, which you might slightly taste if you have a sharp palette. When I add it to my water, I don't taste a thing but I love aloe vera juice so maybe that's why. 


Overall, this skincare review was one of my favorites ever to write because in testing these products I completely fell in love with them. They're just so easy to use and like I mentioned before, I love that you can see and feel these products. Nothing is hidden or dressed up to make it more alluring.  I've been talking about hyaluronic acid and how much I love it for YEARS, so to discover a skincare collection that puts their hyaluronic technology into nearly every product they make (without an insane price point) is pretty exciting! Make sure to check out Pur Attitude HERE where they talk about the science behind their collection. If you have questions, leave them in the comments below. Thank you!  XO, Bianca Jade


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