Reinvent & Reshape Yourself With A New Fit Look for 2011

2011 is just around the corner and it's time to start jotting down or at least thinking about your New Year's resolutions. How are you going to change for the better? How are you going to look and feel healthier? Fitness is an obvious choice but it's hard to motivate in the dead of winter. So what's a girl to do? Reinvent yourself to reshape yourself. Pull a Madonna and change things up, from your look to your routine. Here's how I did it.

Get creative (with layers or colors)

Mix Loose with tight

Make Sure it's Comfortable

Add Unique pieces

Talk about outfit for photo shoot. Start talking about designing your own pieces and personalizing your workout routine.


When it comes to fitness you have to 1) invest in yourself, 2) inspire yourself and 3) challenge yourself.  makes you want to work out hard and more often


My New Fit Look!


3/4 Sweat Pants - PUMA Online Shop, $36

Gap Crossbody gym bag, $50

Rio Soul Soft Sneaker (Silver, Black and Pink), $59.95



Customize Your Fit Look

"Wood" YogaMatic Custom Yoga Mat, $85

MiiR Bottle & Skinit, $25 (includes 1 free skin)

1980s Modern Shortomatic Board Short, $99

Your Shape Fitness Evolved -, $40




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