Review: The Abbey Inn & Spa in Hudson Valley NY

The Abbey Inn & Spa hotel in Hudson Valley New York. A castle-like hotel.

There's so much to love about The Abbey Inn & Spa from it's history to its scenic hilltop location in Peekskill, New York. I discovered The Abbey while doing a thorough online search of the lower Hudson Valley for my 2023 wedding venue and immediately knew I had to visit. Not long after, I arrived to The Abbey with my fiancé and parents in tow for a quaint summer weekend at this gorgeous boutique-style hotel. From a distance, you can see how it sits high above the Hudson River. Its location is undeniably romantic and perfect for a getaway.

The first thing you notice about The Abbey as you're winding up the hill towards its entry is how castle-like it is. The Abbey is stoic and it doesn't look like most inns. It was once a convent and though it's been renovated to accommodate guests as a hotel and upscale event venue, many of the original details have been preserved...and that's what makes it so special. The chapel is now a reception room (for weddings and parties) and the convent has been transformed into 4 floors of sunlit rooms overlooking different angles of the pristinely cared for property.


Once you find yourself at the top of the hill, you'll pass a massive private home (owned by a respected doctor) which sits alongside The Abbey. They co-exist beautifully, I'm told, despite the hotel being so popular. You'll also see 2 nearby apartment complexes. The fact that The Abbey is surrounded by community is something I quite like. Taking walks and a jog off the property felt safe to me. You'll get a lot of waves from neighbors walking their dogs. There is plenty of parking space and a concierge depending on what you prefer, and 2 separate entrances for arrival and check-in. I find it's much easier to enter by way of the circular drive where the concierge is stationed as that door leads direcly to the check-in area. The photo above is the other entrance which leads to The Abbey's central garden and outdoor dining area as well as to their reception room.

From the landscaping to the Koi fish pond in the central garden, EVERYTHING is impeccably maintained. It really is impressive! At the height of summer, you'll find brightly colored flowers like the ones below. It's a nice contrast to the blues and grays of the Hudson Valley. 

The hilltop lookout is everyone's favorite spot at the inn, and you can certainly see why! I could sit here for hours. It's like watching a moving painting. The colors and depth of this epic scene are magical. Under the white pergola is where many couples have exchanged vows. The Abbey is a lovely venue for smaller weddings because it offers a more intimate experience. The maximum accommodated for weddings is 120 people. To me that seems like the perfect number of people! 

In the photo below you can see The Abbey's neighbor to the left. You can also see how relaxing it is to take in the sunset while lounging under the pergola. You're welcome to take a cocktail or a tea. It's whatever goes as long as you respect the space as communal. Sometimes people are quiet under the pergola...sometimes there's conversation. No matter what, it's peaceful. 

Below you can the exterior of the building that once housed the chapel. I love how the chapel windows were preserved and features like the ivy are nurtured. It just works! The property is designed in a somewhat of a circular way where you can actually follow the path from the pergola along the length of the hotel and all the way around the building for about a 10-15 minute leisurely walk. This was nice to walk to do with my chihuahua, Frida. There's a fire pit along this path with benches around it in case you want to warm up at night or just take in the beauty during the day. If no one else is around, it's the perfect spot to make a phone call or facetime a friend to show them how beautiful it is where you're weekending!

For the weekend, I reserved a King room on the 3rd floor overlooking the Hudson River. My room was perfect. I loved how spacious it was, allowing me to do a virtual workout every morning with plenty of floor space. There's a fridge, hanging closet, flat screen TV (we never used it though!), a desk with multiple charging outlets and a bathroom that exceeded my expectations! Please watch my room tour video below to see it all. 

I found the room very calming. The interior design is pretty classic, in my opinion, making the view outside the true hero! Within a few minutes of settling in, we received a gorgeous fruit and cheese plate. This was such a nice way to begin our weekend. 

As someone who lives in New York City, one of the most chaotic and fast moving cities in the world, I can't tell you how nice it felt to relax in our room and know that we'd be cruising at a slower pace for the next 2 days. Also, the view just doesn't get old. 


The rooms at The Abbey are similarly decorated and styled but come in all different shapes and layouts. Here's the view from my parent's room which looked into the central garden and outdoor dining area. You can actually see the koi pond in this video. This area is a popular brunch spot and part of Apropos Restaurant.

Apropos Restaurant at The Abbey has an outstanding reputation. I'd categorize it as healthy fine dining. My family ordered fish and chicken dishes but I indulged in a pasta that blew me away! Normally I don't order pasta because I try to stay away from carbs but this was the perfect portion. It was savory, delicious and had a mix of vegetables and sausage. My family and I couldn't have been happier with our dinner and wine selections. We're a picky bunch too, so that's saying a lot!

Tucked beneath it's reception room, The Abbey has a Wine Cellar which is kind of a secret (only because it's somewhat hidden). This is a really cool room that you can rent for a small party, private dinner or even for a photo session. It's so cool and another element of The Abbey's offerings to take advantage of if you plan to host an event here. 

Finding The Abbey online was like discovering a precious gem in the rough. It's a romantic place to stay if you want to have quiet weekend with your partner as well as the perfect home base if you plan to explore the many activities that the Hudson Valley region has to offer. And don't forget, it's a SPA too! So there's THAT if you're looking for a healing wellness component to your weekend! I haven't experienced the spa yet, but I plan on it when I return. Within the spa is a small pool and a mini gym with 3 or 4 machines. My preference would be to go for a run (it IS the Hudson Valley afterall) but in case you need a quick 20 minutes of cardio, you're more than covered! 

I hope you enjoyed this review. I really love The Abbey and give it 5 STARS! My advice is to book in advance if you're traveling in the early to late Fall as this is their busiest season. Please comment with any questions. I'll do my best to answer otherwise reach out to The Abbey Inn & Spa directly at (914) 736-1200. You can also direct your questions HERE.



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