Ride for Suicide Prevention in Salt Lake City, Utah with The GLMR


Suicide - How It's Affected My Life

I lost my grandfather and my beautiful cousin Paige to suicide...and I can't help but cry right now as I type these words. I wish Paige was alive to guest post here on MizzFIT.com and talk about how we hiked the Grand Canyon together. I wish my grandfather could see me grown up. But suicide is the final chapter and the last thing I remember about them when I see their pictures.


You Can't Fight Sadness With Sadness

My friend Zach Ludlow suffered the same loss with his dad but decided you can't beat sadness with sadness. Instead he founded an annual benefit ride in Salt Lake City, Utah (Payson to be exact) to raise awareness and funds for mental illness and suicide prevention. "It began as a memorial ride for my dad who was a cyclist and loved the sport," Zach tells me. But Zach was born with healing power. He once taught me that the best way out of sadness is to ask whatever god you believe in for direction. And I gotta say, it works every time for me.

Below you'll find details about The GLMR Ride/Race happening this weekend in Salt Lake City. If you can't ride you can donate or become a sponsor. Empty pockets? They need volunteers! Don't live in Utah, well then become a kindred follower of The GLMR on Facebook.


The GLMR: Why It Shines & How You Can Get Involved

The GLMR is educating people about mental illnesses and the resources available for those who suffer, as well as those who have been left behind. It's about good vibes and sharing a fun feel-good ride for an amazing cause. If you live nearby, please join the ride on Saturday, July 30th. There's a $45 registration fee and proceeds go to support the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI Utah) and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP Utah).

THE RIDE: 100K meter benefit ride

WHERE: Payson at the Park and Ride (900 N @ 143 W, Payson, UT 84651)

WHEN: Saturday, July 30th 2011

START TIME: 7am - 7.30am


MORE INFO: Go to www.theGLMR.com or call Stan at 801.830.6655

Depressing Stuff Is Unappetizing To Read But...

Thank you for giving me a few minutes of your day. I know this isn't my usual topic of fitness fashion and the point of my website is quite the opposite of making you sad. But I truly believe that fitness is medicine and that we can fight all kinds of diseases with it. I've suffered from a bout of heavy depression too in my life, which one day I hope to talk more about. Let's be honest, we've all been there to some degree. We can't fight sadness with sadness. Please urge the ones you love to get active, to get help, to trust you and talk to you. Please be the one to notice that something is not right and offer your love and support for recovery. Mental illness and suicidal ideations are scary whether you know the person or not. But don't run away from them. Help them help themselves. As my dad says, it's a miztvah.



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