Spilling the Tea on My Biz on GoDaddy's "School of Hustle"

Bianca Jade interview on GoDaddy School of Hustle podcast show with Sarah Funky.

I'm really quite pleased with this thoughtful interview hosted by Sarah Funky for GoDaddy's "School of Hustle". I loved the questions and insight I got to share on the how and why of my business, Mizzfit. If you're interested in what I do as a media personality and content creator (as well as FEMALE BUSINESS OWNER), please watch and support this incredible series. It's designed to give you insight as a current or future entrerpreneur.





I also partnered with GoDaddy earlier this week on a social media campaign to promote their #OpenWeStand microsite. My podcast interview with "School of Hustle" is entirely separate from that...it was just a happy coincidence that it all went live at the same. What I really love about the campaign is that I got to share that my business took a traumatic “turn” when COVID-19 hit. I'm going to share a little about that here, but definitely check out My GoDaddy Campaign and comment with your thoughts.

Let's rewind back to March 2020. I went into full panic mode when my travel and TV gigs came to a sudden halt. I learned about Coronavirus shutdowns just as I was touching down in California for a new, exciting job. I’d been hired to attend Natural Food Expo West and participate in an epid culinary adventure. But as I deplaned, all large-scale gatherings and events were forced to cancel including the Expo! I had no clue it was the beginning of massive change and economic decline.

You know the rest...how COVID-19 spread throughout the entire world and our changed our lives forever! Yeah, our present grim reality. Womp womp. But there positive stories coming out of this time, like how business owners are adapting to COVID-19 and surviving despite the major restrictions in doing business that it causes. For example, my jobs as TV host and travel reporter are for the most part currently on pause. I’m at peace w/ it because I know it’ll pick back up when the time’s right. I’ve actually enjoyed having the time to build out new parts of my business and add income streams. As an entrepreneur you’ve got to think on your feet and be prepared to pivot. The best and worst of times are always at our doorstep. It’s part of the thrill of being in business, but it’s also an opportunity to learn.

I’m inspired  by the many ways my wellness network and community have learned to shift, stay afloat and support each other. COVID-19 forced me to re-strategize and ask myself, ‘What new narratives can I create?’ Instead of showing people remote island destinations and fitness studios they could no longer go to, I began to focus on more essential topics. I created colorful recipes and easy to follow video tutorials showing people how to cook healthier from home and how to do their own in-home beauty treatments. I secured partnerships with companies in these categories and rebranded my health offerings. I also dropped my rates to reflect the financial climate, collaborated with other creators and offered packages to my partners to work with me long term. I even had to hire someone new to help me with all the production work I now had on my hands from shifting.

The mission of my company, Mizzfit, has always been rooted in transformation and growth. It’s with this same mentality that I was able to save my business. Creative solutions are within us and our communities. They need to be shared! That's why I teamed up with GoDaddy to share about their #OpenWeStand microsite. It has resources, inspiration and connection to other everyday entrepreneurs with creative solutions for adapting to COVID-19. They’ll even help you update your digital biz card—hey, gotta start somewhere!



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