Spring Training in NYC with TCOY Fitness


Head to the Flatiron district on Sundays to spring train with Guy Codio, professional trainer and founder of TCOY Fitness. Guy leads a a fat burning, Functional Training Camp that works your legs, arms, back and abs like it's nobody's business. You'll use weighted balls, kettlebells, TRX suspension straps, jump rope, resistance cords, physio balls and your own body weight for conditioning exercises. Classes feel like a semi-private training session and Guy keeps a close eye on your fitness level to help you master each exercise with the right amount of weight. I've been working out with Guy for ages and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Functional training allows you to perform the activities of daily life more easily without injury (like carrying your groceries 10 blocks home from the grocery store). If you have your groceries delivered, then just do it for the hot bod. Go consistently to lose weight, feel stronger, improve your posture, and energize. Your first class is free so you might as well try it out and see what you think. Once you're hooked, single classes cost $25. See you on Sunday! I'll be there working off last night's Pad Thai dinner...and leftovers.


Functional Training Camp with Guy

Every Sunday at 3PM

Location: New York Personal Training (NYPT)

12 West 21st Street, 2nd Floor, NYC

First class is FREE then $25/class

*RSVP Required*




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