Stay Fit This Fall With A Soccer Ball


I don't know about you, but when the season and weather outside changes I get a little bored with my workout routine. If you feel the same, try something new and give your body a boost!  Cuerpaso might be that little bit of change with big results that you're looking for. Expect some World Cup flashbacks because the Cuerpaso workout revolves around a soccer ball. Did I mention Cuerpaso means AMAZING BODY in Spanish? 

Here's what you need to know about Cuerpaso to get started:



Cuerpaso is inspired by Brazilian soccer and Latin-Carribean dance. It's designed to make you strong, lean and chiseled (like a soccer player). But perfection doesn't come without soreness! I joined an outdoor Cuerpaso class this summer in Central Park and let's just say, I'm a believer and a fan. I was sore for days from moves I had never done or seen before. First my body was like - What are you doing to me? A few days later my butt checked itself out in a mirror and liked what it saw!

Tadeo Cuerpaso soccer ball workout


Tadeo is your man and boy does he have a cuerpaso! He's got flavor and according to this article on FBG he can't count. Are you kidding me? I don't know a single fitness pro or trainer that counts reps accurately! They intentionally count poorly to trick you into doing more reps! Isn't that what you pay for? Without the extra reps you'd have a cuerpo (translation=body) and just about anyone can have that. Tadeo is a great, smiley dude (just like in his picture). He loves his job and brings the fun to class in a big way. He's all personality and never a drill sergeant but you'll still curse his name the following day.


Cuerpaso fuses anaerobic and aerobic movements derived from soccer conditioning and Latin dance. You'll basically get jiggy with a soccer ball and use it for twist motion abdominal exercises, explosive squat jumps, crossover ball stepping, "Latin lunges" and circular pelvic thrusts that I'm convinced he stole from Dirty Dancing!


  1. WORKSHOP (NYC only) ---> 6 weeks of Cuerpaso starting September 20th at Reebok Sports Club NYC (160 Columbus Avenue at 67th street). Every Monday from 5.30 - 6.15PM. Price: $199. Reebok Sports Club members pay $149. I've taken a lot of fitness workshops and this is pretty good price for the workout/beating. To register email or call (212) 501-1476
  2. CLASS (NYC only) ---> Wednesdays at 7:15pm at New York Health & Raquet Club (21st and Park avenue south location)
  3. DVD ---> If you're not an NYC local or just don't like group fitness, try the Cuerpaso DVD (in English or Spanish). It comes with a signature soccer ball and some other goodies to enhance your workout. It's not as awesome as a live Cuerpaso class but it definitely serves up a sweat-inducing workout with a lot of hip swinging. I was actually surprised by the intensity of Tadeo's lower body workout on this DVD--it's way better than most fitness DVD's I've tried.


Over time Cuerpaso will bless you with a lean waistline and tight glutes and thighs. I suggest signing up for the workshop if you want fast results. You'll definitely get them if you're consistent with the workout.


Soccer Fitness Couture


Leave a comment and you'll be entered in a random drawing to win a Cuerpaso DVD!

Cuerpaso DVD video soccer workout


Photos courtesy of Cuerpaso website.



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