Stylish Wellness Gifts for Family & Friends, Plus My Hoop-larious Performance on CBS!

Video - CBS Live From The Couch - "Workout Wonderland"

Why give the gift of Fitness & Wellness this holiday season?

Because December is one of the best times to get inspired and motivated for better health. First of all, January is right around the corner along with all your resolutions that you may or may not make until the very last minute. 2nd, December marks the month of persuasion. Convince someone you love (or just like a lot) to feel better, look better and MOVE MORE by forcing them to unwrap a gift that will jump start their journey. They won't complain as long as it's stylish.

Check out the fit gifts I featured on CBS's "Live From The Couch" show in the video above. I love taking fitness on television, including all the amazing fit companies whose products I'm so in love with. I usually don't get too nervous in front of the camera but CBS's Live From The Couch show is craaaaazy! Lotsa cameras, lotsa lights and lotsa of hurried ACTION! 

But talking about fitness trends is what I do best. It gives me an unparalleled high. (Natural highs rock)

I didn't have much time to pull an outfit together before going on the show...

But sometimes when you're under pressure, that's when things come together the best. I was really inspired by Kelly Dooley's latest collection for her line BodyRock Sport, so I asked permission to borrow her fit look and she was thrilled to share!

I wore BodyRock Sport's new Donna Moto Jacket in gold along with my hip hugging Jessica Moto Leggings and a semi-sheer charcoal tank. I most love the Moto jacket from the back. Impeccable design.

Then it was time to HULA!

Carolina Bermudez and co-hosts love their Fit Minutes and I wanted to give them one to remember! Hula hooping is my favorite travel workout because I own the Infinity Collapsible Weighted Hula Hoop which folds in half, small enough to take on a plane! It weighs approximately 2 pounds and once you get the hang of it and find your favorite moves, it's a real core shaper!


I love how Carolina and I are busting our asses here while the other 2 hosts are chillin', ha!

And yes, the Moto Jacket is sleek enough to hula in. I think I was asked 5 times if I was going to take my jacket off by the staff there, and I was like, "no, why?"

Win yourself a Fit Gift! Enter my GIVEAWAY!

I'm gifting an Aspen Yoga Mat (in purple Buddha) and a Vespertine Vesp (in pink), 2 of the items featured in Workout Wonderland on Live From The Couch.

To win, this is what you have to do:

  • Follow me on Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook
  • Pick the item you want to win and then leave a comment telling me about the founder of that company and why she created it. Doesn't have to be a long comment. Both women are inspiring. This is my way of getting you to find out a lil' more about them!

Going to pick 2 winners on Wednesday, January 2nd of 2013. Good luck!




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