A Supplement Everyone Needs Right Now!

Bianca Jade spokesperson for Bioptimizers supplements. She is holding Magnesium Breakthrough bottle in her kitchen.

I don’t do this often. I’m very picky about everything I share because I take my health + yours very seriously.  Do I take supplements? Yes, A LOT of them but you won’t typically find me pushing them on others because I’ve felt for so long that supplements should be a personal exploration of what’s right for your body. But this time is a little different. I’m blown away by Magnesium Breakthrough from BiOptimizers.

As a fitness & health expert, I feel inclined to share it with you especially if you’re experiencing any of the issues that I’ve personally dealt with over the last 4 months, such as…

  1. STRESS RELATED TO COVID, workload fluctuations affecting my income, not seeing my family due to sheltering in place, losing a relative to covid, and having everyone ask me if “I was OK”. Guess I didn’t look it.
  2. IRREGULAR SLEEP PATTERNS. Since my apt has become my office (I used to travel every week as part of my work and was always in-studio), it’s really hard to separate my work space from my chill space. I was thinking about work even while lying on my couch or hanging out with Frida on my terrace. Falling asleep at night was near impossible and wasn’t happening until 2am. 
  3. WEIGHT GAIN AROUND MIDSECTION. This is a pattern for me during times of stress and lack of sleep. My cortisol levels really spiked leading me to get swollen in my tummy, which expanded my waistline. 
  4. MUSCLE ACHES & PAINS. This actually started more recently. I’ve been in excruciating pain from my knees down to the balls of my feet and from my shoulders up to my neck. At first, I brushed it off as just workout soreness but then realized how I haven’t been doing any kind of massage therapy or stretching the way I used to. My restorative routine is literally non-existent these days. Before covid, I took yoga classes 2-3 times a week. And just the other day, I couldn’t remember the last time I had a real stretch. Yeah, I’ve taken Zoom yoga classes, but in my opinion they don’t live up to the real thing.

When I started taking Magnesium Breakthrough by BiOptimizers I began to return to a more stabilized version of myself. I could sleep better and just chill out. I was no longer wound up, nervous and moody. I could watch a movie without stopping it to write a work email. My body is looser, pain is subsiding and my waistline (thank God) has slimmed down. I’ve also been able to recover from the grief of losing a beloved relative, which as you know can take over your body.

Even Dave Asprey has recommended Magnesium Breakthrough, which has 7 forms of Mg in it to help you boost your immune system and lower your cortisol levels.  It’s not a stimulant. It’s the opposite, made for fitness enthusiasts and active people alike.  If you want to beat stress, get fit, sleep better and recover faster…you need a full spectrum Magnesium to complete your healthy lifestyle. It's best taken at night and post-workout; take 2 at a time. 

CLICK HERE to get it with my discount or make sure to use BIANCAJADE at checkout for 10% off on www.BiOptimizers.com

More sleep, a relaxed body and a calmer version of myself means the world to me but definitely also affects Frida doggy. I want to make sure I give everyone the best of me, and I never thought I'd say this about a supplement but taking this every right really helps me wake up feeling great so I can take on the day with positive vibes. I even got my mom hooked on Magnesium Breakthrough for some physical pains she was dealing with. Got the little sister on it too.

Everyone who gives it a try falls in love. If you try it, please hit me back with your thoughts and let me know how your body is feeling! 




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