Think Sweats Aren't Sexy? Think Again. I Styled 2 Femme-Fit-Preneurs to Prove It.

Workout sweats get such a bad rap. That changes NOW!

On a mission to prove to the world that SWEATS are SEXY when styled the right way, I headed to the Brooklyn Bridge on a chilly morning with 2 of the cleverest babes in fitness. Kelly Dooley and Ariane Hundt are 2 Femme-Fit-Preneurs to watch out for and boy can they strut their stuff sweats. They're changing the face of fitness with their remarkable fitness inventions.

Perhaps BodyRock Sport and the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp ring a bell? BodyRock Sport is one of the most sought after fitness apparel lines in the United States and the Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp is New York City's hardest and most scenic outdoor workout. But that's not all. These women have something else up their sleeve. Check out their latest fitness innovations and tap into their brilliance.

sexy sweats shoot


MEET KELLY DOOLEY / Sportswear Designer & Boobie Tamer

Kelly, as a California transplant to NYC how and when did you decide to start BodyRock Sport?

"I had just finished my M.A. in Media, Culture and Communication Studies at New York University, so I was very much trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life. When the idea for BodyRock came to mind, I just ran with it!"

What are your 3 favorite things about BodyRock Sport?

"(1) Our mission to empower women, (2) our ability to integrate a charitable component into many of our products, and (3) our desire to reinvent the wheel and truly revolutionize the active wear industry."

sexy sweats shoot

What's the latest & greatest at BodyRock Sport?

"Definitely the world's 1st fashionable mastectomy bra, which we are creating for post-mastectomy and post-cancer surgery patients by addressing their unique needs. It's called The Empower 'em Collection. One key element is providing a product that adapts to the changing body shape of women as they go through reconstruction and beyond. The collection will be available in December and reinforces our desire to empower all women to look and feel their best all the time. We also teamed up with American Cancer Society on this project, which will enable us to donate one bra to ACS for each bra that is purchased!"

sexy sweats shoot

Do you work out every day? What’s your #1 go-to workout?

"I work out 5-7 days/week. RUNNING!"

Are you the competitive type or more of a team player?

"I am a competitive team player if that makes sense. I compete mostly against myself."

sexy sweats shoot

If you could only work out in 1 thing, what would it be?

"The Sophie Bra from the Zip ‘em Up Collection! I actually DO wear it all the time."

Do you ever wear sweats? How did the Sexy Sweats feel different than traditional sweats?

"I rarely wear sweats. The pair I wore for the shoot make me feel sexier than most sweats because they weren’t typical cotton. The leather definitely made me feel much sexier!"

You've made BodyRock Sport famous for sexy workout clothes. How do you define sexy?

"Sexy is confidence, swagger, and attitude. I know so many women who are incredibly beautiful but equally insecure, making them incredibly unsexy. Likewise, I know several women who may not have killer looks, but they have extreme confidence, making them beyond sexy. Meowww."

What would you like to see more of in fitness?

"I would love to see more women embrace fashionable fitness wear. So many women feel bad about how they look which makes them scared to go to the gym. I think they should adopt the opposite mentality. The whole purpose of working out is to look good, feel good, and be healthy! We should never have to justify wanting to look fab while doing so!"

Who in fitness inspires YOU?

"Fitness models Vanessa Tib and Jamie Eason. They are incredible and when I see them wearing my clothes, I get inspired to create new designs."




MEET ARIANE HUNDT / Brooklyn Bridge Drill Sergeant & DVD Star

Ariane, you've gone global with a German documentary about you and a fitness DVD that's a hit worldwide. What does it feel like to be so well-received?

"Knowing that my work makes an impact on my clients' health, fitness, self esteem and relationships is an amazing feeling. Being recognized for all the hard work that has gone into creating the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is incredibly rewarding and it's proof that changing my career to pursue my dreams almost 5 years ago was the best move I could have made."

What did you do before you created the BBBC?

"Until 4.5 years ago I was the Director of Global Research for a boutique pharmaceutical market research firm. I used to work 15-hour days and felt like nothing in my life was going in the right direction. I didn't feel a sense of purpose and as a result got quite down. Not until I hit rock bottom was I ready to pursue my dreams, go back to grad school and start my own business."

sexy sweats shoot

What made you want to be a part of the fitness industry?

"I've always been an avid student of anything that related to fitness, nutrition and health because I had struggled for so many years with my own weight, food and low self-esteem. I read hundreds of books that pertained to the mind-body connection, the impact of food on health, what workouts would produce the best results and anything that was geared towards living your best life. Once I had found the answers I was looking for I wanted to share it with others to save them from the struggles I went through."

What tenets of your company do you live by every day?

"I'm a Nutritionist and focus on keeping a clean fat-burning diet. Exercise is key to my mental well-being. Staying positive and focusing on what I have and want, rather than looking at what's lacking are the key points by which I live my life."

What are you screaming from the rooftop these days?

"I'm excited about my Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, which was released this year to rave reviews. It is currently being featured in W Magazine and has been described as a "workout like none other" as it was shot on the Brooklyn Bridge. It is probably harder than any workout DVD you've ever done and therefore will produce a kick-ass body while keeping you challenged time after time. Watch the trailer HERE! The DVD sells for $35 and includes a set of resistance bands sure to address any trouble zone. Give it a go and see just how quickly it will change your body!"

sexy sweats shoot

How do you integrate fitness into your busy work schedule?

"I teach on average 10 classes a week and I complete the workout with my clients. This is not only motivating to them but also helps me stay in shape. Working out is not an option, it's a must. I fit fitness into my schedule no matter what. Even if it's 10 minutes in the gym to crank out an intense leg workout, I will make it happen."

What kind of fitness turns you off?

"You won't find me running on the treadmill for hours because it bores me to death. My workouts are efficient and to the point, just like the workouts I offer my clients. My workout routine combines strength training and cardio at high intensity intervals. This is simply the most effective way to build muscle and get lean."

Are you into fitness fashion and whose fitness clothes do you wear? 

"Yes, absolutely. Wearing something that makes me feel body conscious and confident enhances my workout. My favorite pants are Lululemon pants because they lift and tuck in the right spots."

Thoughts on sweats? How did you feel during the shoot?

"Sweats tend to make me feel quite bulky. The sexy sweats I wore made me feel not just comfortable but also body conscious in a good way because they fit perfectly. Having my hair and make up done certainly helped as well. And, my boot campers, who took my class right after the photo shoot demanded I come to class looking glam more often."

What 1 thing would you change about the fitness industry?

"There are too many gimmicks out there, ranging from fat loss pills and exercise gadgets that are complete bogus and a waste of money. Unfortunately many people just don't have the information needed to realize they're wasting their money on things they don't need or that won't do them any good. My goal as a trainer and nutritionist is to teach people what really works, without short cuts or gimmicks and hopefully over time this will make it harder for unnecessary products to enter the fitness market."

Who in fitness inspires YOU?

"Jillian Michaels, because she doesn't just focus on putting people through grueling workouts and getting them on a diet. She makes sure that people change from the core - change their attitude about themselves and address the issues that contribute to overeating, self sabotage and lack of self-care. She has been able to convey her message to an enormous audience and I admire her for what she has achieved. Now, if only the Biggest Loser would call me for another audition!"


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