Ticket Giveaway for Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival

It's happening again! Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival is coming to New York City in full force, led by Nicole Winhoffer and a handful of talented artists who will surely blur the lines between fitness and music.

What is Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival? It's a fitness event traveling through several major US cities that combines fitness, music and culture. Fitness trainer and innovator, Nicole Winhoffer, has been part of the event for 3 years. Formerly fitness inspiration to Madonna, Nicole teacher her NW Method in the form of a static dance class. Just look at these pictures!

It's as if a concert and a workout are happening simultaneously. Could you ask for more stimulation? I'm truly excited to join Propel for this event as it will be my first time at their festival. To celebrate, I'm giving away a pair of tickets to 1 lucky Mizzfit reader or social media follower. Keep reading for details!

What to expect... At this year's Co: Labs, in addition to NW Method, you can expect workouts from NYC's most coveted boutique studios like ModelFIT and Box + Flow. There are also yoga and HIIT classes on the full day schedule. 

I literally cannot wait! In order to get a better understanding of this event, I interviewed Nicole Winhoffer about her tenure and what it's like to teach her method from a fancy stage, concert-style.

My interview with Nicole Winhoffer of NW Method: I must add that Nicole and I know each other from back in the day when we shared the same publicist and I can honestly say, even with all her success, she hasn't changed! Her aura is so chill and creative. I always enjoy talking to her about what she's up to. The latest is that trains all kinds of athletes while continuing to further her popular brand of fitness. She's also getting ready to open up a NYC studio in September, which is much anticipated by her fitness tribe.

Music has always been so important to her and she says that's why she's remained a fundamental part of Propel Co: Labs despite all the other things she has going on. "Proper is so inspired by music and that works for me as an artist. I also have creative freedom and liberty to do my thing."

Nicole assures me that "everyone will be sweating and drenched" on Saturday (July 14th, 2018). At the last few events, she performed live with Ludacris who sadly won't make the upcoming NYC event. But you can count on his tracks being played on a full blown out sound system. "The entire show is like being on tour", says Nicole, who is no stranger to touring from her days working with Madonna.

One of my personal fave musical talents, Icona Pop, will be performing on Saturday as well and guess who scored an interview? Yup. You don't even know how happy I am. I literally play their music on repeat when I'm outside running, and especially during my races. Icona Pop is incredibly motivational for fitness and just SO GOOD in general.

Now for those FREE tickets to Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival...let's hook you up STAT! To win yourself a ticket with a plus 1, follow @PropelWater and leave a comment here or on my instagram announcement about this event. All you have to do is tell me why you want to go! And please use the hashtag #propelyeah :)

Good luck and I hope I see you there on Saturday!

XO, Bianca Jade

All Propel Co: Labs event photos in this post are courtesy of Jennifer Nash Photography.



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