Travel Much? This Sneaker Is Totally Packable.


I'm an over-packer. I can't help it! I like to be prepared for anything and everything that comes my way when I'm far from home. My suitcase gets stuffed with a lot of fitness apparel (more than my regular clothes) because I like to have options for different kinds of activities. This shouldn't surprise you--I have an entire closet devoted to my fitness wardrobe.

I'm always surprised by how much workout clothes can weigh, especially sneakers! Up until the winter holidays I was getting quite used to airline personnel sneering at me for overweight luggage, but then I discovered a new workout shoe that actually helps me pack light.

It's called the Nike Free XT Quick Fit+ and it's a fashionable, super lightweight sneaker that packs easily. It comes in a few color combinations, the charcoal/magenta (pictured) being my favorite because it's exceptionally shiny without being silver. Beyond it's packability, the Nike Free XT is a well-rounded workout shoe. You can run, strength train or play sports in it, and the sole provides great traction indoors and outdoors. There's also reflective material on the heel and toe for night visibility. This sneaker is so comfortable that it's a no-brainer for women who like to pack fitness clothes for trips. It won't weigh you down and the mesh construction keeps it from smelling up your suitcase. Pack this sneaker for motivation to visit the gym in your hotel and to stay on track with your fitness routine. Believe me, you'll be sooooo happy you worked out when you return home from your trip.



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