Try New Things with No Fear! I Squash My Anxiety with Quotivations and Track Jackets.

Getting motivated to take a risk or try something new isn't always easy. An inspirational mantra or quote can zap your nervous nelly mindset and improve your confidence. Fitness fashion always seals the deal for me, too! Who doesn't like to shop or try out a new style? It's the little things like this that can alter your state of fear or insecurity. I should know because I suffer from anxiety. I have attacks that drop me to the floor breathless.

My story: I get anxiety attacks though you'd never guess it

I'm an outgoing and gregarious person. I'm not easily intimidated and no one who knows me would ever call me quiet or shy. But we all have certain traits and behaviors that sometimes turn us into a walking oxymoron. Mine happens to be physical anxiety that's unleashed during times of major stress. I can feel the anxiety attack coming on and I usually know how much time I have before I go into full panic mode. These attacks don't happen often, thank God, but they do happen when I'm facing a highly irritable situation or something that really scares me. And what I've come to learn is that fitness has a similar effect on people. It makes them want to run for the hills and hide. I recently ran from a situation myself!

I was about to have an anxiety attack in the apartment of a guy I'm dating. I didn't know what I was going to do. I didn't want him to see me collapse into a pile of crazy and freak out. So I grabbed my purse and hightailed out of his apartment, figuring I had enough time to cab it home, gulp down water and lay down until it passed. I just couldn't let my anxiety play out in front of someone that I'm still getting to know. It's embarrassing and frightening to imagine.

And that's why a lot of people don't go to the gym! They fear the potential mishaps of being there, like fatiguing and passing out during a workout. I don't blame them. But I do want to help! Because I think running for the hills is counter productive (even in my case) and there are ways to try and stop it and gain control.

Find quotivations you can latch onto and repeat to yourself in times of stress.

What's a quotivation? It's a quote, phrase or saying that personally strikes you with great meaning and inspiration. It's something you can memorize, quickly access and live by. It's got to be powerful though, because you're going to rely on it to pull you out of fear, insecurity, and stress. These days, lots of quotivations are posted to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I love reading them and applying them to my life. These are some of my favorites.

I also like writing my own. I've got a ton on Pinterest RIGHT HERE. I've been writing them for over 5 years. And thanks to my amazing assistant Emily, who helps me update the board, I can now share them with you!

Here are 2 of my favorites:



These quotivations, believe it or not, have gotten me through not just anxiety but laziness, sadness, rejection, and the mourning of a lost one. Whether they're your own or someone else's, find the words that push you out of your fear and dissolve your negativity. Say these words loud enough to hear them. Write them on something big enough to see them. Live by them!

How fitness fashion helps take the edge off.

It might sound materialistic, but shopping and putting on a new outfit feels darn good. Wish I had the luxury of doing it everyday...but I don't! So I shop smart. I buy fantastic pieces that cheer me up and I wear them a lot. I don't care if people have seen me wearing stuff more than once. I actually like being known for crushing on pieces of sportswear that I wear a lot, and for showing people how to wear them in a variety of ways. For instance, you can check me out on the adidas Women's Training site where I share my tips on dressing sporty for Fall.

For Fall, I'm loving adidas track jackets. Even as it gets colder, they get me outside. They inspire me to #neverhibernate. I also love amping up my hair. Recently, I tried a new look for my workouts. My sectioned ponytail (which my beloved Instagram followers helped me pick out) really perked me up!

It's the little things that can reverberate good vibes inside of you. As silly as it seems, it works. So if you're terrified of checking out a new workout class, joining a gym or starting a training program that you think you're not in perfect shape for, LOOK TO FASHION! Screw all those insecurities that cross your mind! When you look good, you feel good. That's all you need to tell yourself before you take a plunge!

Ever tried writing your own quotivation? Got one to share?

If so, please INSPIRE ME in the comments section below with your own "moving" words or phrases! Then go to adidas to check out inspiring sportswear pieces like my Leopard Print adidas Supergirl Track Jacket which layers perfectly over adidas women's training gear. Just CLICK HERE and don't forget to write your quotivation below!!!


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