What's in my gym bag?

Take a look…everything you see above lives in my gym bag. Am I a germ-a-phobe? Maybe. I believe in practicing good hygiene and apply this to my fitness regimen. The contents of my gym bag save me from being a sweaty-stinky-disgusting hot mess. I can’t survive in the fitness world without them.

Wristbands help me stay dry during intense workouts. They’re easier than using a towel, especially if you’re jogging outside or engaged in some kind of activity where carrying a towel is inconvenient. I like the NIKE FIT DRY WRISTBANDS above because they’re double-wide and come in bright colors.

Sometimes my ears sweat (totally gross…I know). For exercising, I use WETBUDS earphones ($15) which are somewhat sweatproof and fairly inexpensive. Better brands do exist, but at the WETBUDS price I can replace them as often as I like. I’m convinced that earbud crevices are teeming with bacteria…I shall not digress.

I’m picky with my socks. Comfort and odor control are important. Foot odor occurs when normal bacteria on your feet interact with trapped moisture in your socks and shoes. I’m a huge fan of EUROSOCK SILVER RUNNING SOCKS ($13) because the fabric fiber is made with silver ions which are anti-bacterial, microbial and fungal free. These socks keep my feet dry and have extra arch-support cushioning.

I recently discovered ADIDAS ACTION 3 ANTI-PERSPIRANT. It gets the job done. Technically it’s made for dudes, but who cares. I like the scented bar called PURE.

During the summer, sunscreen is a gym bag staple of mine. The best sunscreen options are labeled as having Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Always look for this on the packaging otherwise you’re risking your health and damaging your skin. My favorite is NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER DRY TOUCH SUNBLOCK in SPF30 ($10). It’s lightweight, non-oily and great for sensitive skin. I wear it on my face and body.

The gym is a cesspool. Eliptical machines and dumbbells may very well be crawling with diseased paramecium. I use BURT’S BEES HAND SANITIZER SPRAY ($5) before and after the gym. I pray that it works…so far, so good.

Athlete’s foot isn’t pretty. Once you’ve had it you’ll make sure it never happens to you again. I highly recommend LOTRIMIN AF POWDER ($6). I literally powder my feet with it as a preventative against Athlete’s Foot. It works to keep feet dry from moisture (in socks and shoes) that can promote the growth of fungus. Just take my word for it and buy the stuff. It also comes in a spray.

I practice yoga and pilates and find the HERBAN ESSENTIALS YOGA TOWELETTES really useful for cleaning/disinfecting my yoga mat. The towelettes are infused with lavendar oil and smell incredible. You can use them on your hands and feet too.

I like working up a sweat but I don’t like smelling it on my clothes after it’s been washed. Odors can linger in performance apparel and sometimes Tide doesn’t cut it. PENGUIN SPORT-WASH is made to get into fabric’s small pores and eliminate stinkiness. You can go to their website for a free sample.

You don’t need tons of fitness accessories and products to exercise.  Just worry about investing in the things that improve the comfort and quality of your workout.



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