Working with Alex's Lemonade Stand + Win Tickets to Lemon NYC Culinary Event!

I always love sharing a heart warming story...although I must admit this one makes me tear up every time I talk about it even though it has a happy ending. Alex Scott is a little girl who had cancer all her life until the age of 8 when she passed away. During her fight with cancer she created a lemonade stand to raise money and awareness for cancer research that helped children like herself.

She created an incredible movement that was all over the news and in publications near and far. Other children and families joined in, creating their own lemonade stands to follow in Alex's footsteps. Sadly, Alex couldn't beat her disease (this is the part that hurts) but she left behind a legacy of goodwill, love and dedication for her vision that lives on as the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and Alex's Million Mile.

When I was approached about working with Alex's foundation, I immediately said YES. The story completely moved me and I felt like Alex handpicked me to share her message of giving back and saving lives. I do believe everything happens for a reason so I felt extremely honored to host an event for the foundation along with my good friend and yoga instructor, Heidi Kristoffer.

We put together a fitness event where we could share the energy of what Alex's Million Mile stands for while sharing the healthy benefits of giving back. This was the video Heidi and I shared on our platforms to encourage people to sign up, get hydrated with SOS Hydration and have some fun with us.

The turnout was wonderful! I led the run of 2.6 miles and Heidi stretched everyone out with yoga afterwards. We had over 30 people hang with us and I was impressed at how fast my running group ran!

The guy in the lemon suit is Jay Scott, father to Alex Scott. He is known for running in a lemon costume...I really don't know how he does it! That thing would be too hot for me! But you always need a guy in a lemon suit rounding up your herd, right? Here he is again, with me, holding the gift bags we gave out at the event.

I'm sort of known for putting the best gift bags together. We had SOS, Velvet Eyewear Sunglasses, Nature's All, Tula Skincare, CBD For Life, True Lemon and Style Reform goodies inside along with fun accessories provided by Alex's Lemonade Stand.

Keep reading for this GIVEAWAY --> Thank you so much to everyone who attended my fitness event and to all of you who end up taking a minute to find out more about Alex's Lemonade Stand, their fundraising efforts and runs. Their next big event happening takes place in NYC and is called Lemon NYC. It's a big, fancy cullinary event that happens annually in New York City and caters to foodies. I'm giving 2 tickets for it--each valued at $250!! How do you feel about winning them? I'll be there!

To win these tickets all you have to do is follow Alex's Lemonade Stand on the social media platform of your choice and comment below telling me how you're going to give back before 2017 is over. Hopefully you'll run with Alex's Million Mile or find a charity that does as much good as this one. Thank you so much for reading and GOOD LUCK! I am picking winners on Sunday, October 1st! 

xoxo, Bianca Jade


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