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Barefoot Training


I put a lot of thought into a sneaker purchase. I do research to make sure the shoe I buy is designed to support my feet. On top of that, I’m overly concerned with finding a shoe that improves my athletic performance. It’s so time consuming and there are so many sneakers to choose from. Lately, I’ve been rethinking this whole approach on shoe selection by taking my sneakers off to workout. Barefoot training is a growing trend and it’s based on the fact that shoes can limit the potential of our feet.

Our feet actually lose their tactile capacity throughout a lifetime of wearing shoes. Constraining shoes limit free movement and flexibility. As a result, our feet may never develop to their proper size or shape. Tendons and ligaments shorten, muscles degenerate, and the risk for foot and ankle injuries increases. Shoes protect our feet in many activities, but overall neglect them from getting the exercise they need.

Barefoot training is an excellent way to...

I almost can’t believe it! FitMusic is a FREE online music source for fitness music

I almost can’t believe it! FitMusic is a FREE online music source for fitness music. They have all kinds of workout playlists and you can search for music by fitness activity. Just download the music you like directly from the site OR subscribe to FitMusic on itunes and download for free from there. What a great idea! I absolutely love it. Why didn’t I think of this?????

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