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Hey guys! So years ago when I first got started with this website, I experienced unexpected spontaneous success. I had networks calling me, asking me to come on their shows to do fitness fashion segments. I was completely unprepared to appear on these shows. One of my 1st on-air moments was the Today Show. While I was proud of myself in the moment, I can't help but cringe every time I watch the clip. I did not have the skillset to appear on-air, had no idea what the hell I was doing, and could have potentially killed my career. Luckily, I had a wonderful publicist who helped guide me towards media training and hosting training. But let's just say I learned through trial and error with the Today Show. My mistakes on-air made me want to be better, eventually leading me into a career a TV and digital host! The story is a little bit longer than what I've just shared but the point is that if you envision yourself speaking online or on TV, you really should learn the basics. It's...

How to “Friend” Cool People in Fitness Class

In the 1980's the gym was the ultimate pick up scene but I was still too young to experience this phenomenon. I always imagined a woman earnestly rocking a hot pink leotard, leg warmers and a sweat band a la Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video while swooning for a guy wearing a similar outfit over by the Nautilus machines.

Nowadays, I think wearing that fitness outfit let alone picking up a lover at the gym is the farthest thought on our minds when sweating it out.  However, what about making friends with that cool seeming person in your yoga class? I think we've all wanted to figure out how to make fitness friends without seeming like a stalker. 

I got inspired about all the new friend potential in my weekly fitness classes after learning the story about how one of my favorite new bands--ASTR--met. The electro  R&B duo of Adam and Zoe met 3 years ago in a Manhattan yoga class, and when they realized they shared a similar musical and...


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