The Promise of Real Booty from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Star, Kenya Moore

Kenya Gets The Boot-y!

If I have to pick a favorite housewife from the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, Kenya Moore has my vote! I recently interviewed her by phone. We laughed and groveled about gym hair. I'm either a diva too or Kenya Moore is more down to earth than she lets on.

At 40+ she carries a lot of experience and wisdom with her. She may have a spring chicken tushy but Kenya Moore has undoubtedly lived and learned. My interview with her on Celebrity Sweat tips captures her tips and insights on fitness & fulfillment


TMZ reports that Kenya has signed on for another season of Real Housewives, so you better get used to this damsel speaking her mind and twirling fabulously. All gossip aside, Kenya really cares about women's health and I think it's pretty awesome that she's willing to share her booty-shaping moves. If I had an ass like that...not sure I'd talk. I'd keep it top secret. Luckily, Kenya...

How Kristi Yamaguchi Got a MizzFIT Reader Back on Her Feet and Working Out!

Here's a sweet story. A MizzFIT reader named Paula Strokoff tipped me off about Kristi Yamaguchi's new active wear collection called Tsu.ya. Paula was so excited about Tsu.ya that I asked her review it on MizzFIT.com, never expecting that she'd use fitness fashion or Kristi's DVD to overcome obstacles she was facing in her own life. This is Paula, pictured below.

I'm going to let her tell the story in her own words. But before I do, I just want to say that people who take the time to write handwritten notes must be saints. We often have to twist celebrities arms to get interviews and quotes on MizzFIT.com (ok, not really but getting ahold of them can be hard). Kristi Yamaguchi was thrilled to have her active wear and workout reviewed by us.

We didn't expect such a lovely response from Kristi or that she'd become a source of empowerment for Paula. But, that's fitness for ya. If you're willing to share it (like Kristi), amazing things are bound to happen. Here's...

Queen of Pop Madonna is Addicted to Trainer Nicole Winhoffer. Tracy who?

Remember when Tracy Anderson trained Madonna? Gone are those days. Enter Nicole Winhoffer, who's actually been working with Madonna for a while...but it was kept under wraps until the duo released their newest fitness DVD--Addicted To Sweat. Nicole is a dark angel with a fitness hex.

In my opinion, she's like the Rihanna of fitness. She's a confident bad-ass whose star keeps rising no matter what you have to say about it. Her irreverence towards existing fitness trends and trainers who think they know it all is compelling. Her sense of pride and accomplishment is enviable.


Nicole who is a mix of Filipino and German, went from assisting on Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour to becoming Madonna's primary trainer, to then becoming the Creative Director of Hard Candy Fitness Gyms (founded by Madonna). She is the reason Madonna stays svelte, on beat and full of youth despite her 50+ years.

When I asked Nicole...

Wanna Be A Fit Mom (someday or now)? Here Are Your 5 Sexy Role Models. Take Notes!


I'm floored by moms who somehow manage to do EVERYTHING!

Like my mom. The only thing she doesn't do for me is my laundry...because she lives in another state. Let me be clear, moms like mine cater to their families but never forget to cater to themselves. They're called Fit Moms. And their unwavering motivation and commitment stack up higher than a series of post-natal fitness dvd's...which I'm pretty sure you'll never find them doing.

I don't have kids, but I do know that juggling everything in my life including a steady fitness routine is hard enough. Throw some kids in the mix and I'm bound to drop some balls. I'm sure I'd desperately need the Mama Wants Her Life Back DVD from the series above. That's why I'm relying on the following 5 moms to tell you what it takes to be a real-deal Fit Mom. And to all my friends out there reading this: I will not drop your baby(ies), I promise!



Y'know...the sexy host of Top Chef! Well,...

Pick a workout DVD to match your personality and blow right past the gym!


Sometimes schlepping to the gym feels like...schlepping to the gym. When it feels like that, don't go! Whether you're rushed or just dragging from a long day, give yourself a break with a workout that's time efficient and gym-free. You're going to need the perfect workout DVD, which like the perfect man, can be hard to find. But you deserve it so I went ahead and flexed my matchmaking muscles for you. Take a look...you might find your DVD soulmate!



Your DVD soulmate:  Shiva Rea A.M. Energy

About the workout: This workout DVD is like the bible of vinyasa flow yoga because you're constantly transitioning from one pose to the next, activating and stretching your limbs and core in both beginner and advanced moves. The experience is more than slightly spiritual in a relaxing heat-your-muscles-up kind of way. It's great if you love yoga, need a mood-boosting AM workout, and/or crave a new...


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