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3 Hygienic Fitness Accessories You Absolutely Need for Going Back to Fitness Studios and Gyms

Women wearing weight lifting fitness gloves at the gym.

Heading back to the gym soon? I’m not going to lie, I never stopped going. My private training gym, The Fort in NYC, managed to stay open throughout most of 2020. To be safe, I adopted hygienic rituals every time I stepped into the gym or out. I continue to do this as numbers have returned to full capacity. It’s hard not to forget the year we endured or how easy it is to catch covid, so I’ve put together a short list of 3 products I use and highly recommend for keeping your fitness routine extra clean.

Fancy Home Gyms - Get Ideas To Build Your Own!

-- This is a guest post by Jane Blanchard -- One of the most classic New Year's resolutions is to start going to the gym more, which is exactly why gyms start hiking up their enrollment fees around this time. The other alternative to getting fit is to build your own gym at home. Here are some seriously over-the-top home gyms that we can dream about having one day. Photo via Houzz Who wouldn't love their very own smoothie bar? Or maybe it's an actual bar, but still. Even the color scheme screams "let's work out today!" Photo via Houzz Yes, this is actually in a home. Two levels, with a sauna! This homeowner either has a very large family or a lot of guests that like working out. Or she’s just awesome. Photo via Houzz There's not one but two hot tubs in there! Plus, those light-up stairs must look killer all hours of the day.   Photo via Houzz Lots and lots of workout equipment and a super comfy chair to relax in...


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