Meditate: It's Easier Than You Think!

Meditation in the fast world. Is it really possible? Especially with how busy and complicated our lives have become? How is it even possible to meditate to relax and focus inward when we are so attached to our devices? Like our mobile phones, headphones and wireless earbuds, GPS health trackers and more! I wouldn't have been able to answer this question for you until I started learning more about meditation and relaxation due to the trend I began to see growing (and which continues to grow) in New York City. My forecast is that it will soon reach the city you live in. Are you ready to relax more? In November of 2016, it seemed like all of a sudden meditation studios were popping up all around Manhattan, and I'm not talking about Buddhist type meditation rooms and sanctuaries. New York has a ton of those already that cater to a more traditionally zen crowd. What I'm talking about is more in the vein of "modern meditation", if you will. It caters to more mass market, every...

Float Therapy Will Relax You. Watch Me Float!

Eeeek! It's been a month since I've blogged. How did that happen? My excuse is that I've been FILMING LIKE CRAZY! I'm trying this new thing where I investigate health and wellness trends like a detective. As I get older, I realize how important it is to poke around and get the inside scoop instead of just taking things at face value. So I've whipped out a larger magnifying glass (aka camera and corresponding film team) and started doing a lot more poking around than usual. Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for my latest work! But enough about poking, let's talk about FLOATING. It's a healing trend that's actually been around a lot longer than most people think. Yes, it's going through it's "boutique salon" stage right now, but people have been "floating" and even installing floating chambers in their homes for the last 20 years. Wellness just wasn't as popular back then as it is now, so of course, floating is now receiving more attention from a larger captive...


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