How To Update Your Fit Look for Fall + GIVEAWAY

Watch my video HERE with Qinetic Live (or click the image above) on how to transition into fall fitness with 3 simple tips. I'm sharing 3 fashion-based products that are worth investing in to inspire you to work out as summer leaves us. I know when fall rolls around I lose a little of my excitement and energy for exercise. My advice is to just keep it fresh to rekindle that love. This goes for everything that you do in life. If you're going to spend some dough, I recommend the 3 items featured in my video! I also recommend you keep reading to find out which one I'm giving away :) Be Brilliant's Tote Bags aren't cheap by any means but they are LEGIT as a carry-all. I'm using the silver one right now and it blows people away to find out that I have sneaker stored in the bottom compartment and a change of clothes for the gym in the middle section. I own more than a few duffel bags and this tote is a nice change allowing me combine 2 bags into 1. The metallic colors are...

Best Towelettes For Post-Workout

Why carry around full sized products in your gym bag when all you need are towelettes to help you refresh and revive your look post-workout? It's important to keep your gym bag light for the health of your shoulders. They'll get enough of a workout once you arrive at the gym or your favorite studio. So it keep it light and invest in 3 of my favorite towelettes. Watch the video that Qinetic Live and I made for you! Here are links to score each of the 3 towelette brands mentioned in the video: Ole Henriksen's Clean Truth Vitamin C Wipes for cleansing and hydration Healthy Hoo Hoo feminine wipes for gentle down there care Tan Towel's Self-Tan Towelette for full body coverage   Got questions? Let me know in the comments section. I can also recommend a few more towelettes based on your personal needs. Feel free to ask. Trust me, I've tried them all! Don't forget to follow me where you socialize! I'm here on YouTube!  *  I'm...


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