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Top 5 Snack Bars For On-The-Go Wellness

-- This is a guest post by Liz Stark -- Walk into any supermarket, natural foods store – really, any store at this point – and you are bound to find shelves and aisles stacked with all kinds of bars. Gone are the days of one or two brands – now there are literally hundreds upon thousands to choose from! With so many different (and competing) bar brands on the market, how are people supposed to know which (if any) are appropriate to consume? Now I know that there will be many that will stop reading this article and adamantly declare, “All bars are terrible poison! Never eat anything that comes in a wrapper!” However, I personally feel that not all bars are created equal. With all the options available, there are big differences in quality and quantity of ingredients, company/customer relations, nutrition facts, intended consumers, wrapper/label design, and taste. While of course it is ideal to consume as many whole foods as possible, it might not always be...


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