A New Way To Think About Social Workouts

When you hear the words "social workout" you probably think "group fitness". But I'm going to make you think something entirely different by the time you finish reading this article. Social workouts are on the rise and extremely popular among women. They go beyond group fitness. They are experiential events where people actually socialize, network, exchange goods/information and get inspired. In many cases, the workout is only a small part of the bigger social workout picture. Why is this important? Because women are redefining what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. A happy, healthy life is a balancing act of exercise, work, love, family, friendship, passion, inspiration, travel, food, drink and a million other things. Even shopping! So why not bring these things together especially when it comes to fitness? The Girls' Night Out New Balance (NBGNO) events that I host in New York City aim to ahieve this...and I think we do a pretty good job! NBGNO events...


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