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Hydration Tips for Health & Glowing Skin

I'm 35 years old and what makes me a strikingly different person than my 20-year-old self is that I care a lot more about my health. With the exception of an ocassional late night Insomnia Cookies order, I take waaaaaay better care of myself now. God, if I could go back and undo all the terrible things I did to my body and skin in my 20's I'd be in a time machine in a heartbeat! And I'd smack myself silly before getting into all those damn tanning beds! If I had only known to do what works for me now. Oh well, stupid 20-year-old self, good thing you no longer run the show! One of my best pieces of advice for women in their 30's is to always stay hydrated. It really doesn't matter the time of year or season, we need water for our bodies to function effectively, to lubricate our joints, revitalize our skin and have good poops. There are more reasons but these are my favorites. In fact, I'm going to share 5 hydration tips with you that never fail me. But since I like to tell...


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