Coffee vs. Tea: Health Benefits

-- This is guest blog written by Samantha Olivier -- Coffee and tea are universal drinks – wherever you go, you can notice the differences in the preparation of these drinks, as well as the times, occasions, and ways in which people consume them. No matter how you take them, one thing is certain – both tea and coffee are quite beneficial for your health and wellbeing. The market is filled with a wide range of options to choose from, and you will certainly be able to find a flavor that suits your tastes. Health Benefits of Tea The birthplace of tea is China, and legend has it that Shen Nung, the second emperor of China, discovered it in 2737 BC, when leaves blew into his pot of boiling water. Served hot or iced, tea is a tasty beverage for every season and it has been proven to improve health. Tea is full of antioxidants that help keeping our body young and protect it from illness and other types of body pollution. It has 50% less caffeine than coffee, while it...


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