types of water

Best Bottled Water for You? Find out, win a yoga mat!

I ranked the most popular bottle brands. Watch the video above or click to view my healthy water segment HERE on WGN News in Chicago. You have to be careful because marketing and packaging of bottled waters can be really misleading. Many water brands with fancy glass bottles and beautiful packaging design are just THAT. All advertising! The water inside isnt always the best for you, especially if it's low in pH, contains impurities, and has additives like artificial flavorings and dyes. Why does pH matter? Our bodies function better when the things we consume are slightly more alkaline. Food and drink that is acidic (with a low pH) can lead to disease and dificiency. For this reason, I love Core Water. Believe it or not, it helps me balance my life. A little story about that HERE. Core Water also has electrolytes in it, which are a combination of minerals that create a charge and help your body hang on to water better. Electrolytes improve hydration and are important...


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