10 Benefits of Morning Exercise

-- This is guest blog written by Luke Douglas --

In addition to the typical nine-to-five schedule of most people who train in the evening and late afternoon, very few people are eager to rise and shine before dawn to hit the gym for the sheer joy of morning workouts. However, you might want to reconsider your daily routine and switch for the early bird philosophy, because kick-starting your day with physical activity might surprise you with all its perks!

1.    It’s a metabolism boost
Any form of exercise is excellent for increasing your metabolism rate, but if you turn it into a morning ritual in addition to your delicious butter Coffee Blocks, your body will be able to get into the “up and running” mode much faster, allowing you much more energy for the rest of your daily challenges.

2.    You’ll burn more fat
If you decide to rise early and start your routine even before breakfast, a Northumbria University study has shown that such a routine might help you burn more fat if you exercise on an empty stomach. However, if you’re used to working out about an hour after your meal, then ease yourself into this habit to avoid any health issues.

3.    It will elevate your mood
In case you’re a cranky night owl and you hate when something disturbs your slumber, after a week or two or regular morning workouts, your morning mood will significantly improve. Moreover, you’ll be more energetic, enthusiastic and alert for the rest of your day.

4.    You’ll use the rest of your day better
A chaotic schedule with plenty of interruptions can only drain your energy and prompt you to ditch your daily pump if you feel exhausted and annoyed half way through your day. That’s why a morning training session is a perfect way to clear the rest of your day for work, social obligations and rest.

5.    It’s a stress relief
What better way to start your mornings than with stretching and meditation? Even if you simply don’t have the time to go to a yoga class a few times a week, you can always maintain a yoga routine in the comfort of your home with the help of online courses or free YouTube videos. With plenty of Zen endorphins in your system, you can rely on your body to protect you from stress in post-yoga hours.

6.    It promotes balance in life
According to science, sticking to your workout and turning it into a healthy habit actually helps you feel empowered and maintain a solid amount of control over your life, and it gives you a way of balancing out the positives and negatives from your personal and your work life.

7.    It encourages consistency and discipline
Although we can always find valid reasons to skip our daily grind at the gym, morning exercise enthusiasts reap the rewards of being able to consistently observe and feel their achievements, which in turn keeps them motivated and disciplined. You’ll be more eager to include other encouraging elements such as a special morning playlist to give you an even greater incentive.

8.    It’s a staple of a healthy lifestyle
After you invest an hour or so in your morning workout, you will likely reach for a bowl of fruit for your snack as opposed to yielding to the temptation of pastry, as you won’t want all that effort to go to waste. As time goes by, this one healthy habit will help you make numerous other healthy choices, from your meals, to your sleeping schedule, all of which will serve to keep you healthy and happy.

9.    It improves your mental acuity
While this can come in handy any time of day, why not boost your productivity and cognitive capacity when you need it most? A morning exercise routine will help improve your brain functions, from memory, focus, alertness and all the way to your problem-solving skills, which will be exceptionally useful for those who have demanding jobs that require thinking on your feet or resolving complex issues.

10.    It will do wonders for your confidence
Truth be told, whenever you choose to work out, it will benefit your self-esteem. However, if you start your days with such a significant accomplishment, very few unexpected occurrences will be able to rattle you and affect your already established feeling of success and self-worth.

Jumpstart your day with a challenge and a powerful stimulus such as a solid workout and your life will gain a level of stability and balance few other habits can inspire!


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