2 Fitness Products That Will Make Your Workout Less Grueling And Annoying



When a kettlebell smacks against your arm it really (expletive) hurts and makes you want to hurl it across the (expletive) room.

Kettlebell bashing pain bruising exercises


The first and only ergonomically shaped kettlebell called The Bob Harper Contour Kettlebell from GoFit. The Contour Kettlebell has a sculpted shape that curves inward on both sides to rest comfortably on your wrist and forearm during repetitions. It's designed to reduce strain, allow for smoother motion and enhance performance.


Bob Harper is a big name in fitness as the co-host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Stiller. He's a longtime user of kettlebells.


Between $24.99-$99.99 depending on what size (7 to 45 pounds) or assortment you get. Find them at Target, Sport Chalet, Best Buy and GoFit.net this October 2010.


Kettlebell training can do wonders for your core and arms. I'm a huge fan of kettlebell circuit training--one of my favorite classes for this is Kokomo Kettlebell in Saint Louis, Missouri. BUT certain exercises are grueling and feel like a bowling ball is crashing against your arm. Whether my form is off or my arms are hyper-sensitive, I'm averse to doing exercises like THIS with traditional kettlebells. The Contour Kettlebell solves this problem for kettlebell loving women fed up with bashing and bruising. I love that it comes with a 30 minute workout DVD featuring Bob Harper. He seems to be meaningfully connected to the product which makes me feel good about buying it. I just wish the DVD was a full hour long, but then again I'm always looking for a hard-core workout. Click here to visit GoFit.Net Store

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Your earbuds never stay in place and fall out so many times during your workout that you might as well glue your fingers to your ears.


earbud earphone fall out falling bad



Personally sized earbuds that are unaffected by intense sweat or movement and won't fall out. They’re called Yurbuds and they were developed by a marathoner and a triathlete.


Yurbuds earbud enhancers are made from medical grade silicone...just in case you're allergic. The silicone and funky shape in addition to a customized fit keep these little suckers snug inside your ears throughout your entire workout. Upload an ear pic to find out your size.


Between $19.99 - 49.99 depending on style and every pair comes with a white nylon zippered pouch. FYI, Yurbuds enhancers that come with earphones cost more. Available for purchase on Amazon or Best Buy.


To be honest, I was a skeptic when I first came across Yurbuds at a running store in my hometown. Then the company sent me a test pair and shockingly they didn't fall out! Yurbuds guarantees this claim on their website. I own the Pink Yurbuds which cost $29.99 and raise money for an excellent cause ($10 of every purchase goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cancer Cure). But if you're going to invest in a pair, I recommend the NEW Ironman Yurbuds (featured in the main pic of this blog post). The color design on these had me at "hello". The earphone cords are red and black and they come with 2 kinds of Yurbuds enhancers--a light and intense style in red. They're the most aesthetically pleasing of all the Yurbuds styles offered and a full-proof earphone solution for long distance runners. If you're looking to save a buck, purchase Yurbud earbuds alone and pop them onto earphones you already own (like apple's earphones which couldn't be more uncomfortable!). And finally if you have any doubts about sound quality, motorcycle riders supposedly wear them (but keep in mind the company told me that). I'll believe it when a motorcycle chick comments on this blog post!


Yurbuds earphones earbuds colors styles


Photos courtesy of H2 Public Relations, GoFit.net, Yurbuds website, www.michellesingleton.com. Video courtesy of KettlebellUnion channel on YouTube.



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