Accelerate with Zebra Print

Add stripes to your athletic wardrobe for speed (and style). Adidas by Stella McCartney (which I can't get enough of) is rocking zebra stripes on everything...even sneakers! All you need is 1 zebra print piece to show your wild side. Choose carefully and don't mix zebra styles--be kind to peoples' eyes. Draw attention to stripes by adding bright colors or tame down loud patterns with neutrals. Experiment and be adventurous! You can always return to your black uniform once you've had a little fun with zebra print.

If you're absolutely married to black, Adidas by Stella McCartney has an all black run tight with zebra-print mesh inserts (in black). They're ridiculously cool and also come in monochromatic red. If you buy them, HIDE FROM ME because I'm 100% capable of hijacking them. Stella is known for her animal and eco-friendly fashion design. That's probably why she loves animal prints. Zebra's a tough one to do right but she definitely nailed it.

Links to zebra print athletic-wear featured above:

Zebra Bodysuit

Zebra Graphic Tank

Zebra Sports Bra  

ALT Zebra Sports Bra

Zebra Sneakers

Zebra Sweat Pants

Zebra Arm Sleeve

Zebra Legging

Zebra Yoga Pant

Zebra Tights


Photos from Shopadidas, American Apparel, Wet Seal, Running Warehouse.



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