BEFORE & AFTER: Turning a Bare Wall into an Accent Wall with Wallpaper!

Bedroom staging in a Brooklyn apartment. Before interior design picture.

Somehow someway, my partner and I wallpapered a corner wall in my new home without murdering each other. I’m not sure if this is a testament to our relationship or to how easy it is apply adhesive wallpaper, but either way, we did it in under 3 hours and it looks great! I kept seeing wallpaper styles popping up as a comeback trend in modern home décor so we pulled the trigger with a playful neutral-colored print figuring that if we didn’t like it, we’d just peel it right off. What happened is WE LOVED IT! 

Check out my BEFORE & AFTER smps of my wallpaper upgrade! The BEFORE pic above is a shot of the 2nd floor bedroom in my duplex during staging. It's functional but it's definitely not cute. The 2nd pic below is a shot with my own furniture in place and peel & stick Tempaper wallpaper purchased from Burke Décor.


I really liked the quality of this self-adhesive and respositionable wallpaper from Tempaper. It has not peeled back anywhere and everything went just as planned. As long as you measure your wall precisely, order the right amount of rolls to the centimeter, and don’t waste too much of the wallpaper when cutting sections, you should be good to go.

I recommend having a helping hand because aligning the print requires some effort.

The great part about peel & stick wallpaper is that it doesn’t have to be permanent or costly so it doesn’t feel like a monumental commitment when you’re doing it…and you can actually have fun! 

If you liked this print we used, it’s called Wiggle Room and it comes in 2 additional colorways. Let me know if you try this peel & stick trend and feel free to tag me on your wallpapered accent wall pics so I can admire your work!


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