Amanda Beard Comes Clean Before 2012 Olympics Trials (in an interview with me!)


Most remember Amanda Beard as a teenaged girl clutching her teddy bear on the Olympic medal stand. And few will forget the tantalizing athletic physique that earned her countless magazine covers in her 20's. There's no question Amanda Beard has lived a very fast and competitive life. But just like any other person in the world, she's hit some walls, made mistakes and tumbled.

I had the honor of interviewing Amanda about her new memoir, which was her way of coming clean to everyone (her teammates, family, fans), including herself.

READ IT HERE --> Amanda Beard's Celebrity Sweat Interview

And just in case you're wondering how I came to meet Amanda, I met her at an incredible event produced by The Moms and hosted at Equinox's Printing House gym location. Since I only had a few minutes to speak with Amanda there, she kindly agree to a more in-depth interview.

I must say, I have never met an athlete who appears more zen than Amanda. She seemed to be completely herself, right down to her effortless fashion. She was casual-chic in slim jeans, a soft v-neck tee and a cropped leather jacket. I was taken by her poise and cool-girl demeanor, which you'll sense from reading my Celebrity Sweat interview with her. And you better believe I have all fingers and toes crossed for Amanda Beard to make the 2012 US Olympic Team. They need her. She is cleansed and more radiant than ever.

READ IT HERE --> Amanda Beard's Celebrity Sweat Interview

Many thanks to Melissa Gerstein and Denise Albert from The Moms for putting on such great events. They are pictured to the left and right of Amanda and I. Definitely check out all the great events and content they have to offer for both moms and non-moms like me!



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