Apple Cider Vinegar - New Safety Concerns!

Apple Cider Vinegar Problems

I was invited on Dr. Oz's show to be part of a discussion on the growing safety concerns over Apple Cider Vinegar. Before I get in too deep in this blog, I just want to say that I'm NOT an apple cider vinegar expert whatsoever. I do happen, though, to be an apple cider vinegar drinker...but I only consume it minimally. For years, I've been putting about a shot glass amount of ACV in my water bottles. I don't love the taste (who does?) and too much of it makes me gag so I've always kept my intake very small.

The issues that Dr. Oz's investigative show chose to tackle are related to the ACV craze and a ton of companies trying to get in on the financial gain of selling ACV products to health fanatics and consumers jumping on the bandwagon. Here are the main concerns:

  1. Not all Apple Cider Vinegar products are made the same.
  2. There are ACV branded supplements being sold that don't even have ACV in them!
  3. Other ACV product are being sold that have toxic levels of acetic acid content in them.
  4. Some ACV products being sold are contaminated with metals.


The reason why it's important for you to know what kind of ACV products you're using is because at the low end of acidity, the apple cider vinegar product might not be doing you any good at all, while at the high end, it could actually be toxic to your health.

What Dr. Oz's show reports is that 4-6% is a safe acetic acid level. You're more likely to experience the positive results of ACV by taking it in liquid form (sold in bottles) because there's more consistency in production and testing. The other conclusion made is there's absolutely no regulation on the production of ACV, which is rather alarming because you could be buying something that's bad for you thinking you're investing in a wonderful health trend.

Here's how to be careful with apple cider vinegar. First off, read the label. Anything way above 6% acidity is a red flag. Anything near 20% is toxic (that's the acetic level in cleaning products)! Unfiltered brands (made with the mother) are really good for you because they have great enzymes inside. Make sure to buy ACV products made in apple making states as opposed to China. Don't use products that are older than 2 years old. Also, stay away from ACV in pill form because these tend to be higher in acidity and just inconsistent in production across the board.

I honestly never expected to learn so much about apple cider vinegar and I'm so thankful Dr. Oz's team invited me to participate because otherwise I might not have done my own research. In case you're wondering, this is the brand of apple cider vinegar I now use: DE NIGRIS Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey - Raw Unfiltered with the Mother. I buy it at Bed Bath & Beyond and it's USDA organic.

What about you? Do you use apple cider vinegar? Tell me why you love it or hate the trend. Thank you!

xo, Bianca Jade



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