Be Your Own Stylish Valentine

Whether you've got a hot date or not this Valentine's Day, make sure to schedule some time with yourself for a fit date. This year VDAY falls on a Friday so I'm  giving you all weekend to do it. Check out my favorite "heart healthy" fitness-fashion-wear inspirations for this Valentines Day 2014...

Gym Girl Apparel's Red Hot Sports Bra

Lace typically goes with lingerie. But why not activewear? The Red Hot Sports Bra (pictured above) is a new addition to my workout wardrobe. Not only is it supportive, but it's also reversible. I love that it provides full coverage for high impact sport/activity but still makes you feel like a girl. I have a ton of full coverage Nike sports bras but none of them are sexy to walk around in, or flirt in, like my Red Hot. Get your own with promo code MIZZFIT for 15% off at Gym Girl Apparel.

Dear Kate's Amelia Thong

Who knew a fitness panty could be lace-y or silky or both?! I most certainly didn't until I came across Dear Kate. My first thought was: these thongs are lovely but do they function well for fitness? The answer, I found, is that Dear Kate undies are made with wicking and stain-releasing inner layers. Sexy details they are not, but the return is that Dear Kates keep you looking and feeling sexy at the gym for longer. If you thought cameltoe was bad, leaky-crotch is worse. Don't be that girl.

Even though Dear Kates get covered up (unless you belong to some kind of nudist gym) you know what’s underneath and that affects your confidence. 50% of fitness is mental. Someone please tell leaky crotch girl!

That's my Dear Kate Amelia Thong above. Get yourself a pair for VDAY and use promo code MIZZFIT for 25% off your first order at Dear Kate (through Feb 23rd, 2014).

The CareRing

What's more romantic than being recently engaged or over-the-moon-still-in-love with your hubby or wifey? I can only imagine that cloud nine feeling or what it's like to have a rock on your finger. I'd never want to part with it. I usually lose things when I take them off before I work out so I like to wear fitness-friendly jewelry to the gym to avoid removing anything that could potentially be misplaced.

No, I'm not engaged or married. But I'm constantly researching fitness trends for women who are! One that I'm especially loving for the reasons I describe above is CareRing.

CareRing slides right over your wedding ring on your finger, protecting it from harmful abrasion and moisture. It keeps your ring snug and sealed to your finger. Now you can run on the beach or go into your health club's steam room worry-free.

Wanna Try CareRing? It's Inside My Quarterly Box!

For those of you who aren't yet signed up, I curate my very own box with Quarterly Co. It's called the Style Up 2 Shape Up Box and CareRing is included in the next one that ships out this month. Here's a pic of the last box subscribers received...

I've designed each box to inspire and guide you to radiant style and a strong life. Everything inside caters to your 2014 fitness routine. I'd love for you to sign up as a VDAY treat to yourself!

Subscribe to Style Up 2 Shape Up Box HERE

Gym Girl Apparel's Hourglass Hoodie

I love a good hoodie. They get me through the day as I transition from work to workout. This heart-back hoodie from Gym Girl Apparel couldn't be more appropriate for VDAY. It's sweet, stretchy and cheeky. It's also long-ish which is a style I don't see often and love for highlighting curves.

There's no gray area in this relationship. Get the Hourglass Hoodie in black or white for 15% off with promo code MIZZFIT.

And just remember, you can't love another body until you love your own! So make every workout move and fashion choice count!

Did I miss a good Valentine's Day inspired sportswear piece or accessory? Share it in the comments section below. Gracias!


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