The Best Fitness & Healthy Lifestyle Websites Guaranteed to Enlighten & Empower You

IT TAKES A WEB... wouldn't exist if other fitness-related websites (and the people behind them) hadn't influenced and inspired me. Through the years these sites that have shown me the many faces of fitness and perspectives in health. They've made me laugh and use my legs more. They're the reason I keep falling deeper and obsessively in love with fitness. I would be a selfish girl not to share them with you.

We're halfway through the 1st month of 2013 which means your New Year resolutions are still fresh. Why not keep adding to your list? These websites are great resources for that. They'll inspire you to make healthier and happier improvements in your life. Please let me know what you think of them and if I'm missing any of your favorites. This list is ever-growing. So go ahead and add to it in the comments section at the very end of this post.



(I love all these sites and hope you enjoy them too. FYI, they're not listed in any particular order.)

  1. - "Free tips to create a business and life you love."
  2. by Giuliana Rancic- "For a life well lived."
  3. - Learn how to use makeup and find beauty inspiration
  4. - "Enabling your passion for healthy living."
  5. - The scoop on who, what and WEAR in celebrity fitness.
  6. - A blog for people who live for yoga and like to read random things about it.
  7. by Glam Media - Where healthy trends and news hang out.
  8. by Ariane Hundt - "Get in the best shape of your life."
  9. - Hate surprises? Read reviews before you try a class.
  10. - "Woman VS Workout" A model who takes on the most challenging of missions.
  11. - "Keeping a lid on the junk in the trunk."
  12. - "The Ultimate Lifting Experience."
  13. - "Your Healthiest Relationship." Trendy health news.
  14. by Jenaé Frick - "Sweat like a pig. Work like a horse. Look like a Fox."
  15. - How to "Flex in the City." with Yoga, Pilates & Fitness.
  16. - "Your guide to wellness."
  17. - Healthy beach babe lifestyle + cooking.
  18. - "Where fashion hits sports."
  19. - "Home of the CRAZY SEXY revolution."
  20. - Workout resource galore.
  21. - How to "Unleash your skinny girl" and live like one.
  22. by Jess Allen - She's "an athlete training for a lifetime of fitness" and now motherhood.
  23. - "Your GPS for fitness."
  24. - From Military Workouts to Slimnastics.
  25. - "Healthy Happy You."
  26. - "Reno-vate your life." Eat Clean Diet.
  27. by Sophie Uliano - How to go GREEN in style.
  28. - Under Armour's contest encouraging women to declare a fit goal and then show how it's done.
  29. - Applicable info to nurture and nourish a strong body.
  30. - "Living a life fueled by healthy food and fitness."



...narrowing down my top sites to 30. Special thanks definitely go out to my Cornell Interns, Katia & Caroline, for helping me get them down to 30. But the truth is I want you to keep adding to it. Share your favorites with me and everyone who pokes around on If you happen to be one of the websites/people listed above--THANK YOU for making me think and move in new ways. xoxo, MizzFIT




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