Best iPhone 6 Cases for Sport

For 2.5 years, I was a Mophie loyalist. I used my Mophie as both a protective case and for charge. But then suddenly Mophie quality went downhill. In a matter of 3 months, I went through 3 new Mophies. They either burnt out or broke after 1 drop and then it was back to the Apple store for a new one. At $100 a pop, it just wasn't worth it to me anymore! I decided to strike Mophies from my life and move on to new things. I discovered there's a lot out there in the world of iPhone cases, and with a brand new iPhone 6 on my hands, I began to test.

Of all the cases I tried, I found 3 that I love for fitness and sport. So, I'll only be sharing these 3 since is a fitness-focused blog. If you know of a case that shoud be on this list, please add it to the comments section below with a direct link. Thank you!

1. The STM Armband for iPhone 6 and Smartphones up to 5.1 inches ($30)

I am head over heels for this case and want to make out with the publicist who sent it to me because she changed my life by up-ing my running game 2000%. Not only is this case paper thin but it's seamless and silky against the skin and fits the iPhone 6 like a glove.

In the pics I've taken, it looks huge. But honestly, I don't feel it's size while I'm running because of how comfortably it secures to my arm. And let's face it, the iPhone 6 is a big boy. However this case doesn't add any thickness to it. It feels as slim as ever against my arm.

The STM case has a velcro strap closure that's long enough to wrap around a very bulky arm. There's also a nice reflective graphic for visibility at night. I love the inner hidden pocket where I keep my key, which is large enough to store cash and ID/credit cards.

I tested this armband wearing different tops, from a long sleeve to a tank. In all scenarios, it felt great. It never chafed me or caught on anything I was wearing. The only con is that the nylon fabric tends to get a little moist when you sweat but for me it wasn't bother because I aired it out after my run. I expect everything I wear to get a little sweaty and this accessory is easily washed.

Overall, the STM Armband will have you smooth sailing on your runs. I recommend using bluetooth headphones like these instead of getting wrapped up in cords. At $30, this iPhone 6 case is a million times worth it. I'm currently praying to get it included in my next Quarterly Box for July. Fingers and toes crossed I can convince STM to work with me!

2. The iWalk Chameleon Immortal i6 Power Case ($69)

After owning 2 iWalks for my iPhone 5, I decided to step up my game with their new iPhone 6 case that has 100% more battery life than iWalk's previous designs. My problem with the older iWalks is that they broke easily after I dropped them. But this new design changes everything.

The Chameleon Immortal has bumper guards on all sides! It's also air cushioned to protect it when it drops. Even with these added features, the case is still slim...shorter and much lighter than other power cases on the market.

I love that I can now throw my phone into my bicycle basket and let it bounce around without worrying. I can take it to sporting events, toss it in my gym bag and not be so precious about the way I handle it. This iWalk Chameleon case is the ultimate protection since as it's made to endure all kinds of impact. The plastic used is very hard and sturdy. There's no bend or give to it. Your phone will not see a dent or ounce of damage, and you might not ever drop it because of the anti-slip grip. There's not much else to say except this is the answer to all my previous Mophie problems. So far the power charging is working great for me too!

At $69, this case is a deal compared to what a Mophie will cost you. I highly recommend it.

3. The G-Cord Clear Waterproof Case Cover Pouch for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ($10)

I recently went on an amazing sail with Team SCA and was given the waterproof case that you see below so that I could take pictures without getting my camera phone wet. At first I was hesitant. What was this weird iPhone condom??? It looked awkward to me...until I slipped my phone inside and sealed it in with the 2 air-tight clips at the top. WOW! The pouch really does work and my touch screen wasn't affected in the least, even though the plastic covering feels quite thick.

While I don't know the brand name of the pouch I was given because Team SCA purchased them and put their own logo on the reverse side, I did find similar styles on Amazon that appear to be identical, if not better. The casing I own--which you see above--is framed in white on the sides and transparent in the middle. My only issue with this is that the top part of the white border blocks a portion of my camera lens, requiring me to have to adjust my phone inside to get a good picture.

Joto Clear Color Outlined Cases ($13)

Wildtek Universal iPhone Waterproof Case ($19)

The 2 additional links above, which are also similar in style to mine, will fit various iPhone and Smartphone sizes. Some even come with an armband, which I quite like in case you want to swim with it. While I can't attest to submerging mine in water since I was on a sailboat, I can definitely tell you that this case shielded my iPhone from all the water splashing on deck. I was able to lean over the side of the boat and take great pictures even with the water coming at me. These waterproof cases all come with a neck strap, too, so that you can secure it to yourself while still taking a picture or selfie.

Overall, these pouches are cheap and I trust their tight-locking closure...but only to a certain water depth. So make sure to read that information before you make a purchase. I'm not sure I'd go diving with these cases but I would definitely attempt snorkeling or just any activity that takes place on or nearby water. My only advice is to buy a case that's 100% transparent so that there's nothing blocking your camera lens.

Please keep in mind that no one paid me to write this. My iPhone is like my computer. It's a really important part of my work so I'm constantly preocuppied with keeping it safe, charged and in the best condition possible. These 3 cases get the job done and make taking your phone along for an adventure quite easy. But like I said, please add any to this list that measure up. Do it in the comments section below. My "baby" can never have enough outfits ;) Thanks for reading!


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