To Bling or Not To Bling At the Gym: A Case For Working Out In Jewelry (Playlist Included!)


I ran for the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams for Summit High School (Go Hilltoppers!) and Columbia University (Roar Lions Roar!). Jewelry was banned in these sports. That meant I couldn't wear my lucky "Sari" necklace that I'd been wearing since the 5th grade (Carrie Bradshaw totally copied my look!). It's been a few  years (haha) since college and I'm no longer forced to follow these strict style restrictions when I work out. Which brings me to the question: to bling or not to bling at the gym?

When it comes to running and working out I never take off my "Sari" nameplate necklace, the single pearl necklace and Italian horn necklace that adorn my neck no matter what! Even though they often turn into a tangled mess at the end of a particularly speedy run, I kind of relish untangling my necklaces as I cool down after my run. I like keeping these three special necklaces close to my heart when running or working out. This is my lucky necklace trifecta below:

Another piece of jewelry that I have A LOT of trouble removing from my wrist is my Dara Justine loom beaded bracelet, designed and created by my extremely talented mom! I definitely don't recommend lifting weights or jumping around in these bracelets but whenever I do a low impact workout, I like to keep whichever one of her bracelets that I'm wearing ON! I have so many and they're all one-of-a-kind. My mom creates them by hand on a loom. Check out my collection!

You can find more of her amazing creations right here.  That's me, on the stationary bike at my NYC gym, wearing one of her designs:

I don't think it looks so out of the ordinary, do you? My jewelry is part of my fit look and I'd feel a little naked without it!


One of my favorite U.S. track and field stars, the four-time medalist Sanya Richards-Ross, stood out to me in the 2012 Olympics not just because she WON the gold in the 400 meter race but for her jewelry style. High school track athletes who are not allowed to wear jewelry when competing were abuzz on Twitter last summer watching these Olympic athletes get to compete in their jewelry. 

Sanya's bling track style is certainly enviable: she wears a bullet necklace that her mother gave her as a schoolgirl athlete and she also wore killer Chanel oversized-stud earrings. Sanya Richards-Ross is now, actually, the latest Olympic athlete (like Ryan Lochte) to land her own TV show called Sanya's Glam & Gold on the WE Network. Wearing her jewels for sport probably had something to do with it!

So whether you plan to go flashy or not in your fitness look, I made you a Bling-themed mix for your next workout! Find it below at the end of this article and check out my other workout mixes on Spotify too!

So what are your thoughts on wearing jewelry to the gym???

Would love to hear you sound off on this topic in the comments section below!

xo sari beth



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