Ultimate Guide to Wanderlust Festivals from a Pro

It's crazy how much Wanderlust Festivals have grown! They're no longer a summer thing, but rather an open-ended opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing destinations in the world year-round while immersing yourself in good vibes and wellness. If you're reading this it's because you're a professional Wanderluster (like me) or about to become one and you're looking for more information. Well, you've come to the right place because I'm going to attempt to share the most info I can about the 3 festivals I've attended, which were all very different. I never thought I'd get so hooked on a yoga lifestyle festival (even though I'm a yogi) but the minute I experienced the nature, music, holistic, artistic and social sides of Wanderlust I couldn't help but go back. The first festival I went to was at Copper Mountain, the next was in the North Shore of O'ahu and the most recent was a lot closer to home in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. I'm going to tell you about each of these...

Ride at CYC on Us. Special NYC Guest Pass for Mizzfit Readers!

New York City readers, listen up!

Can you hear the warm weather knocking? Ok, maybe not but bikini season will be here once the snow melts (I promise!) so now is the perfect time to find a fun new workout to get motivated. Our friends over at Flavorpill are offering the ultimate workout hookup to kick your spring training into high gear at Cyc Fitness, the hot new indoor cycling studio that hit Manhattan with a huge bang this January.

Sign up for the special invite-only complimentary ride HERE!

It's happening this Saturday, March 1st at 1.30 and 2.30pm. The link above provides more details. MizzFIT is a proud sponsor of the event and spots are going fast!

About Cyc Fitness:

It's a 45 minute ride that combines spin, weights and more than 20 different sport moves. In addition, they found a cool way to integrate an interactive and charitable component to the ride. Talk about multitasking while you workout!

The Cyc method was designed by Keoni Hudoba,...

Top 10 Romantic Fitness Scenes in the History of the Movies

Valentine's Day IS a just a Hallmark holiday but the approaching day got me thinking about some of my favorite love scenes in fitness/sports themed movies. As they always say: those who sweat together stay together? 

So whether you are counting down the days to celebrate V-Day or not, I think you will enjoy my countdown of the most romantic fitness related movie scenes. Let me know in the comments section if you agree with my picks or if you think I left out an important romantic sports movie moment. Let the countdown begin!

10. The Karate Kid - Best soccer flirtation scene.

9. She's the Man - Best cross dressing romance big reveal scene + Amanda Bynes before the storm...

8. Without Limits - Best running flirtation scene with Jared Leto as Steve Prefontaine (double swoon!). Prefontaine was an internationally acclaimed track star who died at age 24 but remains a running legend.

7. The Cutting Edge  - Best on ice flirtation scene....

Yoga, Music and Hawaii? Flavorpill Wants to Send You to Wanderlust!

Hawaii. Live Music. Yoga. Sounds like a vacation to me! So listen up! Flavorpill (one of my favorite destinations for finding the hottest cultural events around town) is offering an awesome opportunity to go to the Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii music and yoga festival this February. 

The Wanderlust O'ahu Hawaii Getaway is a 4 day yoga and music festival set on the north shores of O'ahu, the getaway includes 2 tickets to the festival, a 5 night stay at Turtle Bay Resort for 2 (where the festival is based), and $800 towards airfare. Enter HERE to win.

You might remember when I gave you tips on what to wear to the Wanderlust Festival in Vermont last summer? Check out my favorite looks to get inspired for YOUR outfits for Wanderlust O'ahu if you are lucky enough to win this amazing trip from Flavorpill! Also, read about Mizzfit's experience at Wanderlust Colorado last summer. She learned a lot about herself there, so much that she's headed to O'ahu for another...

Make Major Moves In 2014 With Theme Songs

Did you make some New Year's resolutions but are finding yourself already flaking on them a few weeks into 2014? I have a NEW approach for you: Use MUSIC to make sure you hit all your 2014 goals. Create theme songs (on your iPhone/mp3 player) that will keep your goals “singing” in your ears so that you’ll be reminded and revved up for all the great changes you’re ready to make. 

Maybe some of you are old enough to remember the "dancing baby" episode from the hit tv show Ally McBeal? Because that's basically what I'm talking about!

As both the music fitness editor of and New York City high school teacher, I constantly have to motivate my readers (you guys!) and my students. I like to go all out (as you can see below).

Music can help you realize your dreams and goals. All you have to do is find your theme song, turn it up and then turn on new set of opportunities.

It’s important for you to have a theme song for all the goal-oriented...

Holiday Songs You Can TOTALLY Work Out To!

'Tis the season for late night holiday party cocktails and groggy early morning workouts. It's a seasonal rite of passage for the fitness lover who also can't say no to a fun Christmas party, right?

For those of you who are trying to merge the holiday spirit into your workout, I put together a playlist of holiday songs that you can ACTUALLY sweat to at the gym. 

I know what you are thinking: most holiday songs are great for listening to in the background at a store or cozy restaurant but not really for attacking the treadmill. I felt the same way until I perused my music collection and realized that you can actually work out to Christmas songs. 

Not convinced? Press play and good workout tidings you'll bring. Let me know if I'm missing any holiday classics that are also workout-friendly! Just add them to the comments section below! Here's that playlist again...Holiday Music You Can Actually Sweat To!




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