Top 10 Romantic Fitness Scenes in the History of the Movies

Valentine's Day IS a just a Hallmark holiday but the approaching day got me thinking about some of my favorite love scenes in fitness/sports themed movies. As they always say: those who sweat together stay together? 

So whether you are counting down the days to celebrate V-Day or not, I think you will enjoy my countdown of the most romantic fitness related movie scenes. Let me know in the comments section if you agree with my picks or if you think I left out an important romantic sports movie moment. Let the countdown begin!

10. The Karate Kid - Best soccer flirtation scene.

9. She's the Man - Best cross dressing romance big reveal scene + Amanda Bynes before the storm...

8. Without Limits - Best running flirtation scene with Jared Leto as Steve Prefontaine (double swoon!). Prefontaine was an internationally acclaimed track star who died at age 24 but remains a running legend.

7. The Cutting Edge  - Best on ice flirtation scene. It's so cold it's HOT!

It's worth the CLICK HERE! Toepick!

6. Let's Get Physical (music video) - best double entendre fitness song ever with the 80's star everyone loved, Olivia Newton John. OK, I know it's not a movie but I couldn't leave this off this list!

5. Bull Durham - Best flirtation over swinging bats.

4. Love and Basketball - Most romantic one-on-one basketball scene ever.

3. Dirty Dancing - Best dance finale scene. Were we not all crushing on their chemistry or what? R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.

2. Rocky - Best punch drunk love scene ever. Adrian! Adrian!

1. Perfect - And the BEST aerobic gyration flirtation scene ever goes to Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta in the movie Perfect. They let their pelvises do the flirting in probably one of the raciest aerobics classes EVER!

Have a great Valentine's Day! Here's to cupid finding you your very own crotch thrusting "John"!



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