"Breast Cancer Pink" Goes from NFL Cleats to Socks at the Barre

What do football players and one of your favorite barre studios have in common? Pink on the feet for a healthy cause!

Remember when the NFL sported pink cleats? It was colorful, memorable, meaningful and downright adorable to see grown men running around in pink. And now, we can do the same, because on Monday, June 10th of 2013, Exhale Spa and Core Fusion announced they're selling PINK SOCKS in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (starting mid-September).

I have to admit, I was getting tired of my black grippy socks (and revolted by my brown ones, eww!) for barre fitness and yes--like pretty much every girl on earth--I love pink. I've gotta get a pair! My only gripe is that I wish they were available sooner because summer's the perfect time to bust out in pink. But there's a designated time for Breast Cancer Awareness fitness fashion, so wait we must.

If by the end of the summer you're in the market for new grippy socks (which you're totally allowed to wear to ANY barre studio you like--not just Core Fusion--because you know we all do it) look out for them online RIGHT HERE or at Exhale Spas.

When you wear them, let them be a reminder to self-test, get your mammograms and support the fight against cancer!

$2 from every pair of socks sold goes to Revlon Run Walk For Women, so prepare to pay a bit more than you're used to: $16. But you're good for it! Just don't go tackling anyone.




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