Checking into 2010


I can’t believe another year has passed. I mean, I can…but it’s so crazy how time escapes us and before we have time to think about our new year’s resolutions, new year’s has passed and the fireworks are long gone (I tried to freeze them in time with my blackberry cam). Last year I had a long list of resolutions, the most important one being to change my career path. I eventually did it and became a reality…and will officially launch next week (yup, finally). Who knows what will happen in 2010 but I’m ready to ride the wave and see where it takes me. With that said blogged, here are my resolutions for the new year. Wish me luck or cheer me on…even Jillian Michaels admits that self-discipline is hard (she has a trainer). Many thanks to Sam, Kru and Guy (my trainers).


The links shared below link to websites I find intriguing with no financial gain involved.

  1. Make more fitness friends and embrace the fitness community nationwide.I’m going to try Fit-2gether to connect with like-minded folks. If you’re single, you might consider one of these: Fit2Date or the very catchy, Fit Kiss. I can’t say I’ve tried either, but the concept makes a lot of sense. Couples who work out together stay together!
  2. Sleep longer and better. This means balancing exercise and sleep time, something I rarely do (as an insomniac). I have a feeling the FitBit gadget and a drink called Dream Water will help me out. If you can’t commit to 8 fluid ounces, try their shot of Snoozeberry.
  3. Eat healthier. Check out Fit Menu and the The Regal Vegan for positive ways to change your eating habits. Ella Nemcova from the The Regal Vegan is a friend of mine from my advertising days who traveled the world for cooking inspiration. Her Regal Vegan menu is deliciously creative, good for you and can be delivered right to your door. Prepare to salivate.
  4. Challenge others to be more fit. Stay tuned for C.U.T. this month, a high intensity fitness challenge I’m leading with Lauren Imparato from I.AM.YOU. yoga studio. C.U.T. blends cardio, yoga and a targeted abdominal workout that will get you C.U.T. and off to a great start in 2010.
  5. Get out of my comfort zone and try something “different”. Like a striptease inspired workout…not really my thing…but I’m down to try it. There’s StripXpertease in NYC and CardioStripFit offered by The Fitness Studio in Saint Louis, MO.
  6. Loosen up and not take life TOO seriously all the time. Funny or Die might help :)
  7. Plan my workouts before heading to the gym and consult others for fitness tips. I found an interesting website called FitOrbit where you can train virtually with professionals matched to your fitness personality.
  8. Make this bag by Comme des Garcon my new gym bag. Ok, so maybe this isn’t your typical new year’s resolution but I’m a fitness and style blogger, what did you expect?
  9. Meet Dara Torres and tell her how ridiculously bad-ass, cool and inspiring I think she is. Ask her what it feels like to defy all odds and then ask to see her abs.
  10. Thank the people who read my blog and support me everyday…starting now. THANK YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! My hope is to bring you a dash of perspective and heaps of fitness couture for years to come.


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