Destination Happiness with Swisse at Wanderlust 108

I attended Wanderlust 108 in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park with Swisse Wellness to check out their charming installation called Destination Happiness. If you’ve never heard of Swisse before, they are a premium vitamin and supplement brand founded in Melbourne, Australia that has quickly launched across the globe.

Their entire philosophy centers around “health & happiness”, which the company shortens to call H&H in terms of everything they do. So it only makes sense that their village at Wanderlust 108 was called Destination Happiness.  Here are a couple of shots of me hanging out with Swisse very early in the morning before all the Wanderlust Festival activities were in full swing.

You can’t see it in this picture, but to my right there was a braiding station and then to my left there was a massage booth. Both of these were awesome perks for Wanderlust 108 attendees who planned to run and do yoga during the festival.

I won’t lie, it wasn’t the sunniest of days. It actually poured at moments but that didn’t stop people from coming out. The stage area quickly filled with yogis laying out their waterproof yoga mats and runners begin to line up near the start of the 5k.

People even brought their dogs and kids out to the festival. A little rain never hurt anyone especially active lifestyle people who really love to break a sweat outside. I’m convinced after attending several Wanderlust events, including Wanderlust Oahu and Copper Mountain Colorado, that their festivals are designed for this kind of all-in nature loving breed. New Yorkers tend to bail whenever it rains or snows for outdoor events, but this crew always shows up!

I mean just look at these yogis! It was raining in this pic but they are 500% committed! I love it and it was so inspiring to watch. While they were getting their yoga on, I was tightening my shoelaces. I was there to run!

Before taking off for the Wanderlust 108 5k, which looped around Prospect Park, I made sure to get my Swisse vitamins. I already have these at home but I got my dose for the morning from the booths at Destination Happiness. My go-to’s are:


I think everyone should take a daily multivitamin. Swisse’s Women’s Ultivite is made especially for us ladies to support our bodies during stress, assist in energy levels, stamina and vitality. The Hair Skin Nails+ vitamin is a no brainer for me because I have weak nails and I’m trying to hang onto all my thick hair as I age. I also do a lot to my hair unfortunately, so I’m constantly trying to restore it from color damage and over-styling with my heating tools. And well, the High Strength Cranberry, I shouldn’t have to explain this one other than it helps keep everything in check down there in addition to antioxidant support which is great for your skin too!

I have always taken supplements, which I blog about often.  I don’t blindly take them though. I like to have a good understanding of what my body needs and can benefit from. Swisse has a variety of supplement offerings, even in liquid form.

I would recommend checking out the Swisse website and browsing everything they make. Some of their supplements are really great for detoxing and cleansing your body if that’s what you’re looking for. They even have a Sleep supplement that’s actually melatonin-free, and instead made with herbs and vitamins to lower your cortisol levels.

Speaking of sleep and relaxation, this was the Dream Dome at Destination Happiness where I spent a lot of time decompressing and being shielded by downpours.

How cute is it inside? There were headphones at each lounge chair for Wanderlusters to put on and listen to the guided meditations.

The Dream Dome was definitely my favorite spot but I did have to leave it to go run the 5k! So here I am, running in the rain…

It actually wasn’t so bad! I’m always scared of slipping but luckily it was more of  a drizzle. I think the yogis had it worse when it poured on them later in the afternoon!

After the race, I ran into a friend at Destination Happiness. My friend Jennifer Stock who makes the most beautiful yoga inspired jewelry.  It was such a coincidence to see her as we were both wearing her signature God-dess Ring. If you’re a yogi, it’s really quite fitting!

The rest of the festival couldn’t have been more quaint. Because of the rain, all my photographs came out so beautiful. For some reason, rainy and overcast days are the best for shooting. Look at these flowers from my picnic table where I sat for lunch…

You really have to sign up for Wanderlust 108 if you haven’t been to one before because they’re so well done and a great way to spend a healthy Sunday! In fact, through Swisse, you can win a trip for two to the Wanderlust108 in Austin, Texas coming up on November 10th, 2018.

Make sure to enter that RIGHT HERE!

You’ll be able to experience the Swisse Destination Happiness village with your guest and my guess is it won’t be raining, so lucky you!  In the meantime, go check out Swisse vitamins as the whole point is that you find balance by choosing supplements that enhances your wellness and active lifestyle. These are my 3 below, which I take like clockwork every morning before my workout.

These days I’ve been doing a lot of hot yoga mixed with running as I’m only 8 weeks out until the New York City Marathon. I can hardly believe it’s happening so soon. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. 

XO, Bianca Jade


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