Does the new Evo running shoe live up to its $160 price tag?


I finally got my feet into a pair of Evo running shoes made with Terra Plana's VivoBarefoot technology. I ditched the socks (a formality given the nature of the shoes) and rushed out for a 2 mile run. There's been a lot of hype surrounding these shoes so I was excited to finally test them out. Check out the review and the video I made immediately after my run.



  • Unique and attractive design.
  • Fitted and carefully contructed. There are no loose ends and the materials seem high grade and durable.
  • Extremely comfortable, especially without socks.
  • Super light weight...7 ounces to be exact.
  • Thin, puncture resistant sole that allows you to run on any surface without piercing your skin. However, I recommend avoiding areas with lots of small rocks/spikey objects and uneven surfaces.
  • Anti-microbial sole that prevents bacterial and fungal growth. This is a very important feature if you decide to go sockless or plan to go for long runs.
  • Entirely green product. The lining fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. It sounds kind of gross but I assure you it looks very cool.
  • Amazing ventilation. There was no lingering odor in the shoes after my run and my feet were dry which was surprising considering it was a warm spring day here in NYC.
  • Shoes engage every part of your feet, activating muscles that are blocked from use in cushioned footwear (ankles, arches, ball of feet and toes).
  • The muscles in your feet will get stronger. I was very sore the day after my run which is rare, but that's a good sign that my foot muscles were being used in a new and different way.
  • Shoes "talk to you" and allow you to feel and hear the impact of your foot strike and the nature of your step.
  • VivoBarefoot technology makes you a more perceptive runner. I had no idea before running in these shoes that I landed hard and anchored most of my weight in my heels. Now I can modify my running style with a softer landing and better distribution of weight in the middle and front of my feet.
  • Shoe offers closest sensation to barefoot running that I've ever experienced in a shoe.



  • Shoe is loud, especially if you're a heel striker. You'll want to correct the habit to make less noise, but it's not an instant fix. It will take some time to correct your form.
  • The black laces would look better in charcoal or a light gray. Laces are also a bit long.
  • Shoes require an adjustment period. Walking in them is easy and couldn't be more comfortable but unless you're used to running in a barefoot style shoe, the lack of cushioning can be shocking.
  • Your feet will be sore after your first few runs. You'll have to take it easy and build up distance over time.
  • Shoes are not ideal for heavy exercise because they offer limited support.
  • Soles are so thin that you'll feel everything you run over. This might be distracting especially if you find yourself looking down a lot to avoid uncomfortable surfaces.
  • Shoes do not provide arch support.
  • Shoes won't keep your feet warm in cold weather or rainy weather.
  • Design and fit slightly resemble a water mocassin. But this is a personal thing...I've had a thing against water mocassins since my camp days. It doesn't stop me from wearing The Evos at all.
  • Shoe is a lot more comfortable for walking than running, so much that you might only use them for walking.


In my opinion, The Evo's value depends on what kind of user you are. I've listed 4 user categories below.

  1. Occasional runners: The Evo is not for you. They're expensive and will hurt your feet. If you're not passionate about running, you'll never get through the adjustment period.
  2. Regular runners: The Evo is a great investment. You'll adapt a healthy running style and preventing injuries, like collapsed arches and joint pain.
  3. Serious runners: You're gonna love The Evo. I strongly recommend it. By now, your habits are ingrained and you're aware of your injuries. The Evo will help you break bad habits, prevent further injury and maximize the range of motion in your feet. It will change the way you run and make you stronger.
  4. Walkers: If you're looking for a stylish walking shoe, congratulations, you hit the jack pot.



Like The Evo? Find it HERE.

Many thanks to Nylon Communications for supplying The Evo for this review. This is not an affiliate or sponsored review and MizzFIT LLC does not profit from linked purchases.




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