Eggs, Latinos and Networking at GUSTO New York!

I had the honor of attending an event called GUSTO New York with my fellow Latinos and I'll admitedly succumb to the highest level of cheesiness by saying it was absolutely eggcellent! I partnered with American Egg Board to cover the foodie festivities, try all the yummy appetizers they served up (all made with eggs) and network. You really couldn't ask for a better invitation!

The event took place at the Hilton Midtown and was co-sponsored by LATINO Magazine and the American Egg Board. The private room was filled with professionals who are proud members of the Latino community throughout New York. Everything from the gourmet apps to the specialty cocktails were made with eggs. It was quite impressive! I loved the egg white foam in the Pisco Sours that were served at the bar. I may have had 1 too many, LOL!

Events like theee are so important to me because in my daily, busy life I find that it can be hard to preserve my heritage and culture. This is especially the case when I'm not speaking and practicing my Spanish with other Latinos. I love seeing what inspires Latinos (besides our shared love of food) because in my line of work I am constantly trying to sell them on the benefits of exercise, clean eating and using products that are safe on the body and our environment. I know I can do my job better as a health & wellness expert when I know the interests of my community and the people who I want to help live longer!

Eggs, believe or not, are 1 thing Hispanic households are doing RIGHT! I say that because Hispanics often get a bad rap for our cooking styles and diet (which I believe is rapidly changing as wellness practices within the culture have grown). Mintel research shows that Hispanic families are the highest consumers of eggs and represent 58% of the year-over-year growth in egg purchases. I was astounded by this information when I first learned it but when I thought back to my childhood and the food cooked in my home, it made perfect sense. Eggs are a dietary staple in the diets of Hispanics living in the US and other countries. Our most popular dishes require eggs!

And you really can't go wrong (as long as you're cooking them up in a nutritious way) because 1 large egg provides high quality protein and nine essential amino acids all for 70 calories. It's for this reason that I've been eating hard boiled eggs (yes, the yolk too!) all my life. I slice them up thin with a dash of salt and pepper (and sometimes sriracha sauce if I'm feeling extra spicy). 

A lot of people complain about the yolk but to me that's the best part! I like it hard boiled, soft, and my mouth literally waters when it's runny on top of grillled veggies or when I can dunk toasted bread in it. The yolk actually contains most of the egg's nutrients and protein. If you're looking for Vitamin D and B12, it's time to change the way you think about yellow :)

My favorite egg recipe is this Spicy Sriracha Baked Avocado Eggs, which you can find on the Incredible Egg website. They have a ton of delicious Latin-inspired recipes on the website using eggs so I highly recommend you check it out!

What is your favorite EGG RECIPE? Also, I'm curious, do you eat the yolk or not? I promise, I won't judge!


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