Falling In Love w/ St. Thomas

Hey guys! Last year in December, I had the greatest opportunity to visit Saint Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. I'd never been before and I was so excited to be going somwhere warm and tropical. The purpose of my trip was to try out some fun activities offered by The Frenchman's Reef and Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort. Specifically, Night Kayaking and SUP Yoga. It's quite special that a beach resort prides itself on attractions like these so I enthusiastically flew to Saint Thomas to experience them. My direct flight was an easy 4 hours from New York.

Please watch both video journals below from my Mizzfit Video YouTube channel to see what transpired :)

Beyond the night kayaking and sup yoga, which were fantastic (obviously!), there was so much more to do both on the resort and off. My favorite area on the resort was the Morning Star side, which had its hotel quarters styled like a little beach town. Unfortunately I was not staying on this side of the resort, but it was a nice walk over to Morning Star and easy enough to find a spot on the white sand beach.

If you want to be closer to the main lobby, spa, shops and restaurants, then the Frenchman's Reef side is ideal.

This Morning Star beach-side waitress (in the pic above) approached me while I was laying out one day with samples of their frozen drinks. Drinking is a thing in Saint Thomas and all the Virgin Islands. You're either IN or you're OUT and if helps if you like rum!

On the Frenchman's Reef side, there are more pool options (3) and lush areas like this gazebo where I'm assuming many nuptials take place. This spot, tucked away against the backdrop of the ocean, was so picturesque...I could die!

Off resort, we took the Marriott's private ferry to explore the down town area and see the harbor.

The experience on the ferry--since it's so small--is incredibly charming. You literally pass by cruise ships that could eat you for lunch. I highly recommend cruising around the island because much of the beauty and landscape of Saint Thomas is appreciated from the water.

My favorite off resort activity was taking a ferry to St. John, a sister island within the US Virgin Islands. It's about 35 minutes away leaving from the Charlotte-Amalie ferry station. If you go there, expect to eat and drink a lot! There isn't much shopping that's any better than in downtown Saint Thomas. But in my opinion, the bars in St. John are more lively, hip and sophisticated.

This cocktail was made for me at The Longboard in St. John, a spot I highly recommend. Not only are their drinks creative and perfectly balanced but their food and bar snacks are superb! I'm a New Yorker who's used to eating the best food in the world, so I'm not exaggerating about this place!

For dinner, Zozo's At The Sugar Mill is your spot in St. John. Dinner and drinks are expensive but SO WORTH IT! The restaurant is hidden at the very top of what used to be a sugar mill within the Caneel Bay Resort. The grounds are mysterious and beautiful, and if you go right before sundown you will thank me :) Without a reservation, just ask for a seat at the bar. It's just as good.

The last day of my trip was spent back at Frenchman's Reef, relaxing in the pool with piña colada. It's just what you to do in the Virgin Islands. Even the birds get wasted. I watched in shock as the hummingbird (above) invited itself to a daiquiri and polished off a 1/3 of the glass. Good stuff, I tell ya!


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