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Fashion is always on my mind but once I'm on a bike, I want to find my zone and not worry or feel bothered by what I'm wearing. Quality bike apparel will keep your mind on your workout and performance. If you're at a loss for bike-fitness this Spring, consider the options below:

  1. Rent a bike cruiser for a day with a friend (or buy one)
  2. Saddle up at a spin studio like Flywheel Sports

Biking Spinning womens exercise options



So I'm back in the spin studio firming up my thighs for summer...and all the cute shorts I plan to wear. To get us motivated (many of you have been requesting bike fashion), I styled the fit-look above with my favorite Spring trend--you guessed it---animal print! What I love about this outfit is that it's a mix of leopard prints at different volumes. Notice how the adidas by Stella McCartney Bike Jersey Tee and Padded Knee Shorts have side paneling with leopard-print jacquard. It adds nice texture to these sweat-wicking pieces without screaming "look at me!". The Stella Jersey Tee doesn't mess around. It has silicone grippers on the back bottom hem that keep it from riding up and mesh inserts along the underarm where you sweat the most. When it's cool outside or the AC in your spin studio is on full blast, a slight layer like Pearl Izumi's Infinity Shrug can go a long way by providing just the right amount of warmth. Tie it around your waist like a belt once you warm up.

A fitness outfit is never complete without fun accent pieces! The Femme Fitale Fitness Gloves in Leopard Print and BodyRock Sport's Imani Bra are definitely attention grabbing and most importantly FUNCTIONAL. The gloves pad your handgrip and protect you from irritation. Blisters can happen indoors, I swear! The Imani Bra has a convenient front pocket for holding something small and important, like your ishuffle or keys.

If you're a serious cycle chic, Pearl Izumi has your back. The Fuel doubles as a clip-in bike shoe and run sneaker. It doesn't get any better than that, unless of course a pain-in-your-butt requires one of these: Schwinn's Gel Saddle Cover. Don't lose hope or stamina in spin class with the Suunto M4 Watch. It will encourage you to keep pedaling with motivational feedback and calorie burn alerts. It might even seduce you with it's good looks.




Xdream bike Trixter

The Xdream by Trixter is an indoor bike machine that simulates outdoor riding. This bike is different from anything you've ridden before at the gym; it has a TV screen attachment and handlebars that move around. The TV's simulation software beams you to Avatar Land to begin your bike journey. You'll cycle down winding roads and make sharp turns that require you to engage your abs as you steer. The Xdream experience is all about focus, core work and fun. You can't get on this machine and catch up on your reading--no way! The Xdream is a calorie blaster designed to simultaneously entertain you. If you live in NYC, head to Chelsea Piers Sports Center to test drive an Xdream. It's a lot cheaper than buying one ($6,995)!


Photo credits: Flywheel Sports, Trixter, and MizzFIT's camera phone.




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