Fit & Stylish Holiday Gifts Under $50

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The Hoodie Buddie - $48.00 on
The Hoodie Buddy cardigan is a great fit gift because it actually plays music and it's designed to be worn by both men and women. So if you've got a lot of gifts to give out this is a great one because anyone will like it. Just plug your iPhone or MP3 player into the pocket cord and listen to your music from the hoodie's drawstrings! This is a fashionable warmth layer to power walk in or just go for a long healthy stroll. 



Nike Superfly Reflective Running Hat - $30.00 at Nike
This hat is amazing for people who like to run/walk past 5pm in the wintertime when it starts to get dark outside. The hat is silver and super comfortable, but pretty unassuming until it comes into contact with bright lights. When a car's headlights fall upon it, it lights up and glows making the person wearing it extremely visible and safe from accidents. If you photograph the hat with your cell phone or camera with the flash turned on, you can see just how it works and the pictures are pretty cool!

nike reflective run hat


C9 by Champion Womens Puffer Jacket - $25.00 at Target
This puffer jacket is one of the best deals in town! It's C9 by Champion and it comes it a variety of electric colors like the ones you see here (fuchsia and neon green). C9's puffer jacket makes a great gift for your active loved ones and will keep them warm for outdoor winter boot camps and long walks with the dog. The best part is they're feather light so you don't feel weighed down when you're working out in them.

Beverly Bowtie Yoga Mat Sling - $22.00 on
This Ogorgeous yoga mat sling is the EASIEST, MOST STYLISH & FEMININE way to carry your yoga mat. The bowties straps velcro around your mat to secure it so that you can sling it over your shoulder and head to yoga class. There's a funky animal print detail on the inside that will appeal to any fashion loving lady. You can't find a yoga mat sling like this anywhere else and when you go to you'll see that there are a variety of styles to choose from.

ogorgeous sling

Goody Doublewear Hair Bands - $5.00/pack at Walmart
These hairbands are clever because they double as jewelry when you're not wearing them in your hair. A lot of women with longer hair wear their ponytail holders on their wrist and it's not the most glamorous look. These hair bands solve that problem because their jeweled and double as a bracelet or necklace. So when it's time to hit the gym, your jewelry turns into a much needed hair accessory. The Doublewear head bands and pony tail holders make great stocking stuffers.

goody doublewear


Bobble Water Bottle - $9.99 - 12.99 at Target
There are SO MANY kinds of water containers out there but Bobble Water Bottles are my favorite because they have a filtering system build into the bottle's nozzle that cleans and even improves the taste of your water. Bobbles have a cool grip-able design and they're 100% recyclable. Just don't put them in the dishwater!

bobble water bottle


Dance Off The Inches Fitness Dvds with Matching Hand Weights
Dvds & weights (sold separately) are $10/each at Walmart
It's all about dance these days! And it's not just for the stars! Give the gift of FUN fitness with these 2 dance-fitness dvds that are only $10. It's cold outside and these dance-fitness dvds are a great way to stick to your workout while staying indoors. And since they're so inexpensive, why not add a pair of matching hand-weights and give your friend or loved one the option to step up the challenge and tone their arms while they dance.

dance the inches off dvds



Tell me in the comments section below and please have the fittest & healthiest of holidays!





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