Followed: Dina Ivas, Yoga Instructor

Dina Ivas is a yoga instructor at Equinox Fitness gyms in NYC. Lucky for me, she teaches at the location I belong to. Her classes are popular for their cardio component and twisty ab work. Dina has an infectious laugh and a penchant for fitness fashion. All of this naturally led me to FOLLOW her on her way to work. She detoured down the Highline and told me a bit about herself.

"I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire where the most exciting thing to do was go to the mall, or get scorpion bowls at Grand China.  I knew I needed more, so when I graduated BU and was offered a PR job in Times Square, I took it.  I'd never been to New York but the pull was magnetic.  I love the energy here, and, at least for now, I still love the grind."

"Bold, bright, never boring. I truly feel that what you wear can have a direct effect on how you feel, so I try to dress happy."

"I always thought you had to be edgy to attract people to your classes here.  I'm a pretty ordinary girl on the outside, no tattoos, no hip hairstyle, no sexy accent, but what I am is accessible.  I strive to be unintimidating, approachable and real. There's no show with me, no act.  What you see is what you get, and that's how I teach my classes."

"So in kindergarten, I insisted on being Michael Jackson for Halloween and with the help of my Mom, I went ALL OUT.  In memoriam, every Halloween I play all MJ jams in my yoga classes."

"My parents are both 3rd generation Sicilian. Food is the anchor in a Sicilian household, so I've always had a healthy relationship with eating, which I'm grateful for."

"It took me a LONG time to get comfortable with Ohm-ing.  I guess because I started my fitness career teaching boot camp and body sculpt where it's all yang, no yin.  When I got certified to teach yoga, I was worried that the students who knew my other side would think, "This Ohm stuff is BS," so for a while, I never Ohm'd in my classes."

"I can't speak for all yoga teachers, but for me, losing my zen happens almost daily...when someone rams into me on the subway, when I miss my bus, or when I chip a fresh manicure, I too get angry.  The difference is, yoga has taught me how to diffuse my anger, and channel aggression into a more positive direction."

Follow Dina to yoga class in NYC. Click on her class schedule HERE.

While followed, Dina wore a Firebird Tucanario Track Jacket from adidas Originals with a Lululemon Crop Top and Splits 59 Nova Trailblazer Capri. Purple Puma High Tops (on Amazon) and Striped Satchel (on sale!) from Saturday by Kate Spade.


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